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  3. Spotty vinyl siding after soft wash

    We use Gain for our surfactant. After some research, I found out it was oxidation. Yes even vinyl oxidizes. The good news is that the owner notified me a few days later to inform me the spots faded away!
  4. Discoloration on metal roof

    It's been a while since I last dropped in. I trust everyone is busy! Here is a question for you. The crew cleaned a composite roof a few weeks ago. The owner just emailed me a photo of a metal roof in back (perhaps over a porch). She stated "We might need to hit the zinc roof over the back with some water as well for it has an acid burn look to it". I don't believe hitting it with water is going to do anything. Suggestions?
  5. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Chris ! You are a Premium Member, so if you need my help, just message me !
  6. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hi guys, new member here. Been cleaning roofs for a few years, but always eager to keep refining my methods and becoming more efficient by learning from others. Glad to be here!
  7. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome !
  8. Roof Cleaning Cape Cod and Massachusetts

    What are the "eco friendly" roof cleaning solutions ? All I ever read about is SH. I thought it was the industry standard.
  9. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hi everyone, my name is Brian Bustamante and I just started my pressure cleaning company in sunny, hot, muggy at times South Florida. I currently do pressure cleaning for residential and window washing commercial and residential. I have cleaned roofs but not my preference because I dont have a soft wash setup. I am here how to learn to pressure clean faster, more efficiently and in the least amount of time possible. I want to do as many as I can in a day!
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  11. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome, Richard!!
  12. 17 GPM ALL-FLO Air Diaphragm Pump is NOT like the others!

    Air Diaphragm pumps just last and last. All-Flo offers a 5 year warranty. 12 volt pumps offer relatively no warranty. Air systems use less than half the chemical compared to 12 volt, shoot farther, allow you to transfer chem with the same pump, allow you do perform more jobs in a day, can run all day and night without depending on a battery charge and are designed for use with softwash chems. It’s a no brainer!
  13. 17 GPM ALL-FLO Air Diaphragm Pump is NOT like the others!

    I wouldn’t ever guide you down the path of a gas powered pump like a John Blue, Hypro, Udor or Comet. They haven’t come up with one that can withstand SH. Chris is right. The 5/8” hose is the best choice for distance to get the most out of the 17 gpm All-Flo. Using a 1/2” hose, although lighter in weight, will shoot less distance and slow you down. Most guys use 200’ unless you know you require more hose. Remember that it’s best practice to pull out all the hose every time.
  14. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hello Richard! You are a premium member, so you need to fill out a signature with a link to your web site in it
  15. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hey Guys, Been a member for just about a year but I have just been following, reading and studying about roof cleaning. I am confident now I can perform the service to the standards of the RCIA and just wanted to say hi as this is my first post
  16. What You Pay For With Roof Cleaning

    Let me help you by clarifying some thing, because your statements are incorrect and as a result, somewhat misleading. I don't think this is on purpose, I think it is just a matter of misinformation and lack of education and experience in this field. It is also a product of myths associated with roof cleaning and poor work from uneducated cleaners among other things. Don't worry, it's not a surprise to us. Being among the very best at what we do, we see this every day. First of all, roof fasteners should not be exposed where they may come into contact with anything, let alone roof cleaning solutions. If they're all rusting out, it is more likely the wrong fasteners were used, or installation is improperly done. It can also be that sub par low priced imported materials are used to provide a lower price for the client and maintain a profit margin for the installer. Same for the underlying paper. It should never come into contact with roof cleaning solutions if your roof was properly installed. Even if it does, a quality underlayment will not be damaged by a roof cleaning every five years. We clean roofs for roofers. We also clean roofs for roofing manufacturers. Our zero pressure cleaning does not damage roofs and does not void warranties. We are often hired to clean roofs as part of your roof warranty. The issues you describe are indicative of issues with materials and installation, not RCIA certified professional roof cleaning. There is also the possibility of hiring sub par lower priced budget roof cleaning contractors. Some of these untrained, uneducated companies will use unapproved cleaners that absolutely can cause serious damage. We safely clean roofs for many roofing companies, and even shingle manufacturers. Proper roof cleaning does zero damage, does not void the warranty, and is not the cause of the issues you are describing. However, improper roof cleaning can and will instantly void your warranty! Roof cleaning isn't new. It's been around a long time, and safe zero pressure roof cleaning is a great way to maintain your roof and even extend its life. The other alternative is to let your roof get eaten alive by algae, moss, lichens, and other organic contaminants that do real physical damage, and have your insurance policy cancelled because your roof is compromised. These are the real, cold, hard facts where roof cleaning is concerned. There are roof cleaners here who have cleaned the same roofs for 20 years or more and helped maintain their lifespan for their clients without issue. Algae, especially in Florida, doesn't care what type of roofing material you have. We clean literally every type of roofing material known to man. The determining factors for roof algae growth aren't really what material you have on the roof, that's just one factor. If all the others are right, you will get growth regardless. Thank you for posting so this topic could be addressed properly. As with anything, you need to hire the right professional for the job. Whether it's installing or cleaning the roof, your decision should almost never be based on price. Be careful out there, and if you need a roof cleaned, call an RCIA certified professional.
  17. This may not apply to this company as they do not mention what kind of chemicals the use. Be aware of chemicals use on your roof. Most roof cleaners in FL claim that chlorine-bleach cleaning is safe for the roof. Which is not true. Most roof cleaning companies use Chlorine-bleach to clean roofs because it is cheap, effective and fast. They claim that bleach is completely gone from the roof from a thorough water wash afterwards which is also false. Have you ever tried to rinse Chlorine-bleach off your hands? It remains for a few days no matter how much water or soap you put on your hands. Same with roofs. It remains for a few days which is long enough to cause damage to your roof. Roof bleaching, as per many roofers inspections in our HOA community, have caused the roof nails to rust and the underlying paper to be destroyed. Check it yourself. Lift a shingle or tile on your roof so you can see the nails rusting and the underlayment paper disintegrating. Our HOA community has over 20 roofs failing prematurely after just 12 years of replacement. The Eco Friendly cleaned roofs are still in good shape. Our HOA president was a professional roofer for years and alerted our community years ago about this issue.
  18. What You Pay For With Roof Cleaning

    Bleach is very corrosive and it rusts roof nails and destroys underlayment paper. Roof bleaching, as per many roofers inspections, have caused the roof nail to rust and the underlying paper to be destroyed. Our HOA community has over 20 roofs failing prematurely as compare to Eco Friendly roofs that are still in good shape after 12 years of replacement.
  19. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome to the RCIA Tim !
  20. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hi guys, I'm working in the Massachusetts area doing roof cleaning & a lot of moss removal jobs, specifically hot water soft washing. Working together with atlantic, here's my website to see all the services we provide: https://www.expertroofcleaners.com/ glad to be a part of this community -Tim
  21. Crazy Advertising

    Yes, Lori has been an RCIA Member from day 1 almost
  22. Crazy Advertising

    Hi, Is Lori Smith in this group? TIA, Tommy
  23. Crazy Advertising

    Once, I bought advertising on the shit house walls. Seriously, a guy I met at the local chamber of commerce sold nice color ads that went inside the shithouse toilet stalls. When I met him, he said he had a shitty deal on advertising, LOL This was 20 + years ago, before cell phones took off, when taking a shit was quite boring. Now, with cell phones, I doubt it would work, but it actually worked quite well for us, more then paid for itself
  24. Crazy Advertising

    Here is another bullshit advertising scheme I just got solicited with, don't waste your advertising money on this kind of crap Good Morning, The reason I am contacting you is because we are going to be creating brand new score cards to be used by all of the golfers at the Diamond Hill Golf & Country Club, in Dover, FL. These scorecards are clipped to every golfer's steering wheel. We would like to feature your business as the industry exclusive to be seen in these by every golfer for 1 year. Featured Benefits: 40,000 rounds of golf are played at the course annually that you'd be featured in front of Middle to high end incomes, business owners and decision makers within the company and family decision makers Several charitable events, tournaments, corporate outings, banquets and weddings along with their popular women's league It's an 18-hole championship golf course that is open to the public The total sponsorship for 12 months is: One spot is a one time fee of $425 The whole bottom right of the score card, which is 3 spots, is a one time fee of $799 Taxes and artwork included I greatly appreciate the consideration. Let me know if this is something you'd like to try out for a year. ALL RESERVATIONS ARE BASED ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVED
  25. Crazy Advertising

    I got this in an email, asking me to advertise my roof cleaning company on plastic bags given out at this Pharmacy. LOL, as expensive as most prescription drugs are, it is doubtful that these pharmacy customers will have much money left to clean their roofs ! Hello , We see that you service the residents of Hillsborough County. Local Riverview area residents filling their prescriptions have an interest in roof cleaning services and we would like you to consider featuring your services with Apple Roof Cleaning in print on our prescription bags at RX Oasis Pharmacy in Riverview. Our prescription bags are placed directly in the hands of local pharmacy customers daily. To learn more about featuring your roof cleaning services on our prescription bags, use the link below. www.inn-mktg.com/RXOasisRiverview.html For discounted pricing, use link below. http://www.inn-mktg.com/RX-PricingLTO.html Please let me know if you would like to participate with us when you get a minute. E-Mail, call or text me with any questions. However, if the timing is bad or this is not a good fit for you, just send me a quick reply and I will make a note of it. All the best, Mark Allder 407.363.3456
  26. Joe Walters Insurance

    I have used them for years. Just won a t-shirt from them on their facebook page not long ago. Very happy with Joe Walters insurance for my pressure washing and roof cleaning company. We are able to give our clients good peace of mind because we have great coverage.
  27. Cleaning Roof Streaks

    Spray and forget is marginally effective for cleaning roof streaks. The only thing I can tell you is that whatever the product is, it's not what manufacturers recommend for properly cleaning roofs. It may void your warranty if not approved for safe roof cleaning by the shingle manufacturer. I know it's not the answer you want to hear, but is best to find an RCIA certified roof cleaning company in your area to safely handle this roof cleaning for you.
  28. Cleaning Roof Streaks

    Hi, Ive got the dark roof streaks from algae on the north side of the house. I would like to get rid of them without it costing me a fortune. I dont particularly want to get on the roof. My question is this: Does anyone know anything about DIY cleaning with Spray and Forget? May understanding is you can spray it on the roof by attaching the water hose to it and just leave it. The streaks will be gone in 3 to 6 months. Apparently it does not damage your shingles in any wayThe other method is to get some chloride or oxygen bleach up there one way or the other. Chloride bleach is the simplest and least costly but will it damage your shingles??? I have heard it might and I dont want that. I would try to find something to squirt the bleach up there and then rinse off with a garden hose using a ladder after a few minutes. Ive heard it works a lot quicker. Chloride bleach did a good job of getting rid of the dark stains around my stucco base -- at least after 4 days. Please help. I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: http://www.oldhouseweb.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24104 Animated video quote Thanks!
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