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  2. Moss On old shingles

    From what I have read you have to hit it with a strong roof mix and let it dewell ... and when the moss dies the rain should wash all the moss out ,, don’t quote me on it I am a newbie too.. and when I mean dewell I mean for a couple days , make sure no rain in the forecast ..
  3. Getting it done in Canada

    Softwash I meant
  4. Getting it done in Canada

    Love this software! I used to be a scraper and brushes but not anymore.
  5. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Finished with one light coat on the final two sides today because we had sunlight. Unbelievable. Some days...
  6. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Those glazed tile roofs are a real bitch, when it gets cold
  7. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    This looks a lot like roof in Seattle and Oregon, tons of Moss
  8. Moss On old shingles

    This is typical in my area. Anyone have any suggestions to help a newbie?
  9. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Trying to finish one tomorrow that I couldn't get on Friday. Took forever just to do a couple sides because there was zero sun and cool and windy. That one seriously frustrated me! Also it's glazed tile, so not being porous it won't absorb the SH. I'm having to kill layer by layer and it's super dirty.
  10. Warranty Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Sometimes roof cleaning is prescribed by the manufacturer themselves, as a way to protect the integrity of the roofing system. Warranty roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida is something Ultrasoft has great experience with. Since all environments are different, and not all are ideal, sometimes growth and buildup can be heavy and rapid. Due to surrounding conditions, even newer roofs under manufacturer's warranty can be subject to heavy organic growth. Often this growth is simply gleocapsa magma, and is easily remedied. Other times it can include growth like moss, lichens, and other contaminants. Shingle manufacturers will sometimes prescribe roof cleaning where algae resistant shingles are unable to cope with the rapid organic growth. These warranty cleanings are something Ultrasoft Pressure Washing specializes in. Since we are RCIA certified roof cleaning company, and use only the best zero pressure cleaning methods, we are an easy choice for the manufacturers and their warranty roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida. The standards for roof cleaning for RCIA certified contractors meet and exceed standards set forth by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Assocation). If roofing manufacturers count on the qualified, certified, educated, and experienced professionals at Ultrasoft Pressure Washing, you can definitely count on us for your roof cleaning needs. Here is an example of our roof cleaning, using safe, environmentally friendly zero pressure methods. This is a roof cleaned and restored for a popular shingle manufacturer. You can see heavy growth, most likely due to heavy debris sitting on this roof. Not only do we clean roofs for shingle manufacturers, but for roof conctractors, families, businesses, and just about anyone else in the Jacksonville, Florida area. For all of your roof cleaning needs contact Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC today. 904-304-0810 or visit us at www.UltrasoftPressureWashing.com
  11. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    I don't envy roofs that look like that! However, you wouldn't envy standing on a roof down here in Florida in the middle of August! Welcome.
  12. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Just joined today I'm on the west coast of Canada. Lots of great information! Thank you. Here is a typical West coast roof
  13. Earlier
  14. Hello All, I am in Central Arkansas, and a friend and I would like to start a “Curb Appeal” business. I am getting into real estate, and early on I have stumbled upon conversations about soft washing capabilities and it would seem most of the population here is unaware of the product/results. But, I am worried about the risks! I have heard that a “proper” soft wash solution (3:7 or 2:3 of 12.5%) will scorch a lawn and flowerbed. I can respect that with fast results should come proper care and preparation. I’ve also heard that the only tried and true method to prevent that is to have a 2nd guy spraying. Well, we would only have one. I know I mentioned the pair of us were starting this venture, but I have a job I need to maintain to keep the marketing going (which I am confident about). And, we have no desire to hire a 3rd employee. So, The question is this: If one guy goes out to soft wash a single story home with moderate plant life around, AND NO WATER GUY, are we asking for trouble? I would hate to make money on 9 homes and then lose it all on the 10th. Or, am I overthinking it? We also want to do concrete, there are a lot of large driveways around here, but there are small areas as well. 8gpm and 36” too much of an investment? Our wish list is the following: 6x12 enclosed trailer, 8gpm 3500 psi Pro, X-Jet, Bandit Roof System, 36” Whisper, 225 gal container, 50 gal container. My measurements say that will fit, but maybe some of you know from experience that it will not. Is training for this kind of thing a waste of money? Thank you for any input, Mike Z - Little Rock
  15. Heavy rain

    A wet roof is not a problem UNLESS it is raining so hard that you can't keep the chemicals on the roof
  16. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    welcome! we have a few members up in BC One is in the fraser valley
  17. Heavy rain

    I work on a island off the coast of Canada and it can rain over 250 days a year here. I was wondering if anyone has any tips and advice for working on such conditions. Thank you
  18. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Just joined today I'm on the west coast of Canada. Lots of great information! Thank you
  19. Aluminum window frames

    Sounds like Weepers. Vinyl sided houses are notorious for them. Lately Ive been explaining it to the customers and how to remove them. No call backs
  20. Aluminum window frames

    Yeah, I call them weepers. Always walk the job when your done to minimize a call back for them.
  21. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    As long as your SH is fresh, and you have some Sun, you are good to go. Even if it is cloudy, it will just take longer
  22. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Its 36 here now. Supposed to be 40 ish by noon so Im waiting to go.
  23. PVC Hose Barbs

    Actually, BRONZE has equal or better SH resistance as stainless steel, and Hastelloy is the best metal.
  24. Black spots on vinyl siding

    Yep. They're on EVERY house in Northern NJ. The last job I did the lady had them on her car.
  25. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Money is money, and sometimes we have to make it in cold w`eather. We had to bid a big tile roof kind of low, and the day it was scheduled on, it was 45 degrees So, we told the customer we needed to reschedule for a warmer day. He was ok with it
  26. This pair of cougar paws

    I usually get the high top shoes from shoes for crews. One season and they're done.
  27. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Ive received more calls for roof cleaning in the last week(now that its wicked cold) then I did in all of October. Heading out to do two jobs today once it warms up. Hate cold weather cleaning,but it is what it is.
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