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  3. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Tony! I would say that over 95% of people learned on the job, and never attended any school.
  4. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hi Everyone, My name is Tony and I am on the east coast of Florida. We are starting a soft wash roof cleaning business and have a lot to learn. Is there any schools in Florida that would help get us started? I see softwash systems near Sanford but are there any others? Thanks Tony
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  6. Efflorescence

    Anyone soft washing come up with a good way to remove efflorescence? Got a really bad 20,000 sq ft building to clean and there is a lot of mold and mildew. It's never been cleaned and is approximately 20 years old. Soft washing would be quick and easy and most importantly fit there ridiculous low budget, but there is a lot of Efflorescence that will be left behind. I have successfully removed efflorescence by power washing and using a acidic cleaners and brushing off with steel wire brush but they will not pay for this service and would need a 30 foot lift. $$$ Just thought I would ask if anyone has ever found a way to remove it chemically that isn't to expensive?
  7. Spotty vinyl siding after soft wash

    Did you use laundry detergent or soap? I am using a product called Cling from Pressure Wash USA that works well with no residue but will be trying Slo Mo to compare it to. It's expensive with shipping but works amazing.
  8. Spotty vinyl siding after soft wash

    If it is a soap "alkaline" residue try some vinegar. What was your solution ratio, how much detergent to SH and how many gallons of water? From picture looks like I would spray some vinegar dwell a few minutes and rinse with water.
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  10. Roof cleaning job in Lake Luzerne, NY -.call for info

    Nice of you to pass a roof cleaning lead on, that is out of your area. Michigan is my home state, born in Detroit, raised in Warren and Hazel Park. Caught a Muskie in the St Clair River down in Algonac. Been to Port Huron quite a bit.
  11. A woman who lives in Lake Luzerne, NY saw my before/after pictures on my truck in Michigan and wants her roof cleaned. Please email me at roofcleaningandmore@gmail.com and I will provide the information. Thanks. Roof Cleaning and More Port Huron, Michigan 810-956-2228
  12. Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!

    I used Slo Mo for the 1st time today and this stuff is Awesome, I love it! I used 4oz in 60 gallons. I pre mixed in a half gallon of cold water. I will definitely never go back to Gain.
  13. Defective Dura Lock Stone Coated Steel Roof !

    Contact Gerard, their contact info is at the start of this thread. It is not your fault, but the condo association does not know that.
  14. Defective Dura Lock Stone Coated Steel Roof !

    Hello everyone, I also have a similar incident where granule is coming of the roof after our cleaning. I have done tens of metal roofs over the years but never had a similar issue. I found out that roofs are Dura Loc and they were installed after hurricane Wilma and were never cleaned before. The Condo Association is blaming our method of cleaning. We have used light bleach solution (less than 30%) that was sprayed on the roofs without pressure off a boom lift (no walking at all). A couple of weeks later, we received complains that granule is coming off. The condo has 9 large buildings but we only cleaned 1 building. I have no idea how to rectify this problem and hopping to get some guidelines on what to do here.
  15. 17 GPM ALL-FLO Air Diaphragm Pump is NOT like the others!

    If you are using that much line and doing 2 story roofs, you will want to be sure to have at least 5/8 diameter hose.
  16. Spotty vinyl siding after soft wash

    Guys, This vinyl siding that is about 20 years old was soft washed. After it was pretty much dry it looked very clean. However latter in the day the siding looked spotty / blotchy. It's faint but you can see it. We have not experienced this before. As you can see on my fingers it has a film of chalk. Does any one know to effectively clean this?
  17. In the market for a softwash system. What are the advantages of this system? Whats the difference between this air powered one vs gas or electric? Which one would work best in FL with tons of 2 story roofs & 200-300' of line completely pulled?
  18. What is SH ?

    SH is very much like Bread, it is always best when fresh.
  19. North Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning 33647

    Another fine job by Apple Roof Cleaning.
  20. What is SH ?

    Also it is typically sold at 12.5% available chlorine by weight. If it's fresh, it can be as high as 15%.
  21. Securing Equipment

    We've used both both metal and nylon straps.
  22. Securing Equipment

    Ok, thank you
  23. Pressure Washing Training with support of Lori at PWP!!!!!

    I would like info on this class also! thank you
  24. Securing Equipment

    We use dedicated straps screwed into the bed of the truck flatbed
  25. Securing Equipment

    Hi everyone, new to rcia and the buisness and had a quick question. Just got my fatboy bandit and tanks and was looking for suggestions on the best way to secure them to the bed of my truck.
  26. What is SH ?

    SH always means Sodium Hypochlorite - Good Question BTW !
  27. What is SH ?

    Hi Im new here and researching what I need to get started in softwash roof cleaning. I have over 30 yrs doing high pressure cleaning and wanted to add options to my cleaning business. My first question is ..SH means Sodium Hypochlorite or does it mean Sodium Hydroxide ?
  28. North Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning 33647

    Here is a barrel tile roof we cleaned a few weeks ago. This home is located in the North Tampa area, in zip code 33647. We did this job nearly 6 years ago, but the customer is selling this home, and wanted his tile roof to look brand new again. This is a very exclusive area of Tampa! In fact, this area is full of football players!
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