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  2. Joe Walters Insurance

    We use Joe Walters as well!
  3. Joe Walters Insurance

    Yes they're in business and they're the best! We pay about $170/month and that covers everything
  4. RCIA Facebook Group

    Request sent
  5. Joe Walters Insurance

    Anyone know how much it runs? I am a one person show right now
  6. Joe Walters Insurance

    Hey he he still in business ?? I know it's a old thread
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  8. rcia logo

  9. Soft-Wash System For Sale

    I'm guessing this is no longer available, but if you have any other used systems you want to get rid of let me know
  10. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    LOL, that stuff is mostly Water, look at the small percentages of the Ingredients. What do you feel you have to gain by using it ?
  11. Here's page 1 with the ingredients. There's 5 other pages if needed.
  12. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    First thing to do is, get the MSDS Sheet, to find out what is in it.
  13. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    Definitely, do not use this as a surfactant. It has butyl and you don't want to be slinging it on roofs or siding. But it REALLY is AWESOME for gutters, degreasing, etc.
  14. Well, that settles that. Yes, it works fantastic on gutters! By definition I thought it had a chance to do what I needed it to do. Can I ask why it's not a surfactant? It foams up, lowers the surface tension and it's got to have a higher gravity so based on my ignorance, I simply do not understanding why it wouldn't work. Obviously, I'm missing something. Can you please explain? Thank you for your help!
  15. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    Welcome to the RCIA Levi. That's not a surfactant. Don't add that to your mix. If I remember correctly, some have used it for exterior gutter cleaning with great success.
  16. Hi there! New member here and normally when I'm on large forums like this, I can find what I need without cluttering up the place with more new topics. I couldn't find the information I'm looking for by searching which brings me to my question... How do you know if a surfactant is chlorine stable or not? I have cases and cases of 64oz LA's Totally Awesome degreaser and would like to utilize that, but I'm worried it will compromise the SH mix if it's not chlorine stable. Thanks in advance for the help! Levi
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  18. Custom built 6 ft drop in for a pickup truck. This system includes a hot water Hydrotek pressure washer with stainless steel frame, 3- 12” electric hose reels, RHG RO/DI water purification system and a 12v soft wash system with Pro-Portioner. Call today for your quote on one of these custom built skids. 717-378-2276. Power Wash Store PA Soft Washing Skid
  19. Stone Roof

    It will cleanup just like every other roof cleans up. You will probably need at least 40% and maybe 50% ratio to get it clean and might have to hit some of it more than once but it will work. I would tell the owner the algae stains will be gone when you leave but the lichen will still be there but not very noticeable and dead as a hammer. It will decay and weather off in a few weeks. Also, don’t be surprised if those tiles “bleed” color when you clean them. It won’t hurt anything but might scare you if it happens.
  20. rcia logo

    Is there somewhere in the forum I could get a file for RCIA Logo as shown above so I can put on brochures?
  21. Cedar Roof Cleaning

    You have done great work and these roofs looks really great. I will recommend you to my friends and relatives who live in Kansas city for any roof repair and installation related issues.
  22. Safeway Softwash Solutions is proud to be servicing the south eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas! Not only are roof stains ugly, but they are also destructive! Did you know that Algae, Moss, and Lichen are the #1 cause of premature roof failure? If left unattended, these growths can lead to shingle deterioration, as well as causing the shingles to lift and break over time. Some Insurance companies are now requesting the homeowners get their roof cleaned before they will insure them because they realize how damaging this growth can be. A new roof can cost anywhere from $5000 - $40,000... Roof cleaning are only a fraction of that! The best way to extend the life of your roof and keep it looking new is to have your roof cleaned using our low pressure process. Note: Never allow anyone to clean your roof using a pressure washer. This will actually strip the granules from the shingle, decreasing the life of your roof! Are you a Realtor, or do you plan on selling your home soon? A clean roof creates INSTANT curb appeal! Increased curb appeal allows you to sell your home quicker and for more money! You wouldn't sell a dirty car, would you? Create a lasting first impression for your potential buyers! We also offer other services to keep your property looking new, such as House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Deck/Fence Washing, Inside/Outside Gutter Cleaning, and Window Washing. Increase Your Curb Appeal Today! Call/Text (508) 644-0790 Or visit us at: www.SafewaySoftwash.com
  23. An oldy but a goody!!

    Yes Ted, the old RCIA Forum has nearly 3 times the info about the cleaning of roofs as this one does. It is most unfortunate there is no way to transfer that information to this forum
  24. RCIA Facebook Group

    Here is a link to the RCIA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/
  25. An oldy but a goody!!

    Back in the day, the RCIA had a different URL. This post is from 2011. Our record in Heritage Hunt, Gainesville Va 20155, was 28 homes on one street!!! We did 10 roofs in one day, with one rig! The new(er) RCIA forum is great, but the old one has lots on significant information from back when folks actually did honest research. Check this out: http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/t41873413/roof-cleaning-heritage-hunt-gainesville-va-20155-571-250-965/ Then check out our website and see for yourself why we're the leading Roof Cleaning Company in Virginia, Maryland and the great Atlanta Georgia area! TheRoofCleaningCompany.com
  26. Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!

    Thanks for the heads up Ted. I just went out to the trailer to check it out and it is watery.
  27. Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!

    It had the consistency of water after it froze, so I just set it aside and grabbed another 5 fiver that I had climate controlled. I doubt seriously if it's any good.
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