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  2. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Thank you! I will contact you soon.
  3. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome home, Jesse! Should you need any help with equipment, I’m happy to help you figure things out.
  4. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Jesse. You've come to literally one the best organizations in this industry, hands down. If you want to grow a successful business, this is the place for the help.
  5. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    The idea is that you basically run a hose from the lid vent to underneath the trailer. This helps because the fumes from SH are heavier than air, and they fall down onto the trailer and contribute to rusting it out. It's just one extra thing to slow down the decay by venting it to ground level below your trailer. Also, on my old trailer the ladder racks were right above the tanks, and you can see how it rusted those terribly in comparison because it vented right out the top. Diverting those fumes anywhere else will help.
  6. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    Would you please explain "venting the tanks below the trailers helps" Why would running an air vent below the trailer, be better than having the air vent up as high as possible, as I do? ( Because my aluminum enclosed trailer got wrecked, I'm temporarily using an open steel trailer, until I find just the right enclosed replacement )
  7. Harbor Freight Air Comp

    Absolutely, more than adequate
  8. Time for a name change?

    I started with just “Ultimate Roof Cleaning.” Now we are “Ultimate Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing.” www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com
  9. Harbor Freight Air Comp

    Ok thank you! In your opinion for typical residential roof washing would the 9 gpm unit be adequate? 17gpm seems almost like it wuld be overkill for someone just starting out with a 6x10 trailer and a 225gal tank.
  10. A little common courtesey..... (rant)

    That is when it really hurts When you have sent someone business
  11. Harbor Freight Air Comp

    It is better with the 9 gpm, you really need the biggest HF air compressor to do the 17 gpm justice
  12. A little common courtesey..... (rant)

    Like a picture or a custom graphic on our website? Simply reach out and ask, and we'll likely give it to you or loan it to you. We've done that for quite a few folks. No need to steal it, and then parade it around on the internet. Good grief. Have a little self respect even if you have none for our business. I've had a number of folks reach out over the years, asking to 'borrow' pics. In one instance, a broker actually offered money for the rights to use them in his locality, which I humbly accepted. Hell, I can think of two images on our own website that I borrowed. Why? Because they were good that's why. But the important thing is permission was obtained. And to think I've sent business to this clown. Not any more. In fact, I think we'll expand our service area a bit....... a missile across the bow as they say :-) (BTW - I think that the pics that the broker bought from us were the first ones in the rotator on our main website) A little common decency goes a long way.
  13. Harbor Freight Air Comp

    Will this run the 17gpm pump from PWP or just their 9gpm? https://www.harborfreight.com/9-gal-212cc-135-psi-wheelbarrow-air-compressor-epa-iii-69783.html
  14. New roof pump variant!!

    Still using the 'new' variant of the 5850 Justin. (I typically buy 6 or 8 at time, so we're committed for a while.) We've used the Fatboys with much success in the past, but have stayed with the 5850s for a number of years now. This is due largely to cost (5850s are cheaper of course) and our application method. You'll definitely want a back up/replacement on hand. Our line of work tortures these 12v pumps and they WILL fail on you.
  15. Cedar shake cleaning in Clifton Va

    Any special chemicals used? Or just reg roof mix
  16. New roof pump variant!!

    You still using the 12v 5850 ?? Or did you find another pump u like?? I just got the fat boy from bob, maybe I will buy the 5850 for a back up
  17. Merry Christmas To All Our Members !

    And a Happy New Year! Belated. Lol
  18. How many services locations do you have on google?

    Just the greater Tampa Bay Florida area
  19. How many services locations do you have on google?

    Three general areas for us, Northern Va, Montgomery County Md, and Atlanta Ga. We also work in WV from time to time as well, but don't advertise it.
  20. How many services locations do you have on google?

    We are now servicing Indianapolis and the surrounding area! Ultimate Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Indianapolis/Carmel, IN 317-960-5300 www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com we also service Fort Wayne, IN and North East, Indiana
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  22. I'm hoping I can get some solid advice on where to, and what to set up on my 6x10 open trailer. I have attached pictures of what I have so far. Pretty much everything except the actual machines. I screwed up and bought a hose reel for my buffer tank fill hose that was for a 3/8 connection. I will have to scrap that reel and purchase one that has a 5/8 or 1/2 adaptors. The other hose reel is also a 3/8" and I will be using that for my 8gpm cold pressure washing unit. I jumped the gun and foolishly installed the buffer tank and bolted it down in a bad place so I will have to take that out and recenter it to be sure that all water weight will be evenly distributed. No big deal. I have already plumbed the tank with banjo fittings, and a hudson float valve assembly. I will use a non collapsable hose for the PW intake, coming off the hard plumbing. I guess I just need some direction here, maybe some constructive criticism. I really have one chance to get this right and I just want to be sure I nail it. I'm absolutely open to removing, moving, or adding anything that you all think I need to make this happen. I would like to add a transfer assembly, and a proportioner to this set up as well if it will fit within my budget. My focus will be on residential roof cleaning, House washing, and flat work (driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, fences, pool areas, etc.) I am working with a local pool supply place to get my SH from. Its 12.5% at 1.75 a gallon but I have to purchase 4 55 gallon drums at a time to do it. I'm also looking into contacting my local water treatment facility to possibly piggy back off of there delivery, but im unsure how that would work. I spoke with Lori a long time ago and she was quite helpful on the phone. I'm hoping maybe PWP has some input as well. Thanks and I appreciate any input. Im planning on adding: Pressure Washing Unit- 1.) http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/S-VB8030HGEA406-8-GPM-3000-PSI-SKID-COLD-PRESSURE-WASHER-PWS-VB8030HGEA406.htm OR 2.) http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/S-VB8035HGEA094TF-8-GPM-3500-PSI-K73-SKID-COLD-PRESSURE-WASHER-PWS-VB8035HGEA094TF.htm Soft Washing Unit- 1.) http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/3-8-ALL-FLO-SOFTWASH-2-TANK-SYSTEM-5-8-SPIRALITE-200-GUN-AF6Y10200G2.htm OR 2.) http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/1-2-ALL-FLO-SOFTWASH-SYSTEM-200-5-8-RED-FLEX-TECH-RT-AF5R2B.htm
  23. The Goat Steep Assist

    I have seen it, but we have always simply used what is called a Chicken Ladder, a ladder with hooks over it. The SH does mess with Aluminum, so we replace all our ladders every 2 years, no matter what, and only give our chicken ladders one year, before we get rid of them. Aluminum will let loose with no visible warning of weakness, when exposed to SH for awhile
  24. The Goat Steep Assist

    I do not own one but I am aware of it. It is make of aluminum which does interact with SH. So just keep that in mind.
  25. Get A Free Link For Your Google+ Business Page!

    Just join thanks...
  26. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    I used to think gigantic tenderloin sandwiches were a normal thing everywhere lol. If it isn't 10x the size of the bun it's not a tenderloin sammich!
  27. Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!

    No need for all of that Rick. Run 2:1 instead of 3:1 on your proportioner / chem combiner / whatever it's called. ie 2 inputs to one output. One input with SH AND SLO MO, and the other with water.
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