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Roof Cleaning Cape Cod and Massachusetts

A to Z Softwash is the most experienced roof cleaning company servicing Cape Cod, Southern mass, Rhode island, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. All roof are cleaned without using a pressure washer!

Growths such as lichen, moss, fungi, bacteria and algae are on most roofs these days. The first growth that shows its ugly head is typically bacteria (black streaks). Once this growths takes hold it will colonize and spread rapidly. Just like every other living thing, as it eats it excretes waste. This waste product is a food for other things..... such as moss and lichen! That is why when you see lichen in Southern Mass and Cape Cod it is usually growing right on top of the bacteria. It's an Algae party and your roof was invited.

The only appropriate course of action is to hire your local roof cleaning company in Massachusetts that uses the proper methods. Which is of course a non pressure cleaning using the detergents that the shingle manufacturers recommend. Pressure washing, roof scrubbing and low pressure are terms and things you need to watch out for as those methods will damage your shingles. Another tip would be for you to ask for a copy of there insurance policy to be sure that you will be covered if god forbid something does go wrong.

Asphalt shingles and cedar shingle roofs are going to have a short lifespan if they aren't clean, this is a fact. Insurance companies are even making people clean their roofs more and more. They are doing this because algae is costing them money!

I haven't even mentioned the fact that dirty roofs are (forgive me for saying it) ugly. Take a look at some of our work below to see for yourself.





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Recommended Comments

This may not apply to this company as they do not mention what kind of chemicals the use. 

Be aware of chemicals use on your roof.  Most roof cleaners in FL claim that chlorine-bleach cleaning is safe for the roof.  Which is not true.  Most roof cleaning companies use Chlorine-bleach to clean roofs because it is cheap, effective and fast.  They claim that bleach is completely gone from the roof from a thorough water wash afterwards which is also false.  Have you ever tried to rinse Chlorine-bleach off your hands?  It remains for a few days no matter how much water or soap you put on your hands.  Same with roofs. It remains for a few days which is long enough to cause damage to your roof.

Roof bleaching, as per many roofers inspections in our HOA community, have caused the roof nails to rust and the underlying paper to be destroyed.  Check it yourself.  Lift a shingle or tile on your roof so you can see the nails rusting and the underlayment paper disintegrating.  Our HOA community has over 20 roofs failing prematurely after just 12 years of replacement.   The Eco Friendly cleaned roofs are still in good shape.  Our HOA president was a professional roofer for years and alerted our community years ago about this issue.



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What are the "eco friendly" roof cleaning solutions ?

All I ever read about is SH.

I thought it was the industry standard.

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