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Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning



Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning

Selling or safely maintaining your home? If you are selling your house a good idea is to wash it! The GUTTERDOGS company has an affordable solution for you! If you are just maintaining the appearance of your home the answer is the same. Safe low to no pressure cleaning.

Roof Cleaning

What is roof cleaning? Some companies use pressure to clean the shingles. It is becoming well know, and for good reason, that pressure can damage the shingles. These companies hide the fact that they pressure wash your roof by calling it a low pressure rinse. GutterDogs offers a safe affordable no pressure roof cleaning service that provides results the same day. If you was to put your home on the market the day after you would have a new looking roof! About 10% of the cost to replace it!

Siding wash and wax

In addition to cleaning your roof with a safe no pressure method we can clean your siding as well. Pretty much the same cleaning but for siding we include a wax! The wax does 2 things. Creates a less pourus surface for the mold and dirt to stick to and helps to bring back the color of the siding! This cleaning, with the wax added, lasts longer!

Sidewalk cleaning, Driveways, basement stairwells etc.

We can also clean concrete. The method we use to clean concrete is safe for the creme. Creme is the top layer. The equipment we use is state of the art, and the cleaning is uniform and lasts longer than traditional pressure washing methods.

Deck and Fence wash

Yup we clean these too!

Gutters and downspouts

Yes we clean these too. We have a little secret to get the downspouts 100% clean.

Dryer vent cleaning

The number one cause for home fires. We even clean the flex pipe!

Get it all done in one day!

Deals given on combine jobs! Call 240-355-1110



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