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Good Blog for Oakland County Michigan Caleb ! Hazel Park is my old hometown, my Aunt lives up in Troy, and my Cousin Jimmy lives out in Novi Michigan. My Cousin Susie lives off of Woodward in Pleasant Ridge.  As far as reviews go, I take them with a grain of salt. I go by my Gut feeling about a company instead of most reviews. 

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This is a great question.  As we build out and grow our business this seems to be an important question to us.  I have done some research, from what I gather the two most important places to have Service Reviews for your company are Google my business (also google maps) and if you have a facebook page get customers to leave a review comment on your facebook page as well. We like to make it beneficial for a customer to leave a review.   If any one needs more ideas we are looking further into this. Feel free to contact us,  housewashingpensacola.com in the contact us section.

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Reviews on Google My Business and Facebook are definitely the most important places to get some social proof. I've heard that people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends recommendation. Also, once you do have a decent number of reviews it's never a bad idea to display them publicly on the home page of your website. Similar to what we've done here at the bottom of our page - http://www.walnutcreekroofingexperts.com/ - ideally the reviews should be placed more prominently but hopefully our visitors will scroll all the way down :)

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