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What are Those Black Streaks on My Roof? – Roof Cleaning Willowbrook, Illinois in DuPage County

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Advantage Roof Cleaning


Do you wonder what those black streaks and stains on your roof are from? It’s not from age, tar, jet fuel, tree sap, acid rain or dirt. It’s caused by an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. As the algae eats and multiplies, the colonies become more dense. The dense area of the algae colonies are evident by the black streaks and ugly stains which are a protective sheathing that the algae excrete.

This air born algae is more prevalent as you travel south in warmer and more humid climates. Over the years the algae has been spreading across the states. That is why it seems to be more and more noticeable here in the mid-west region. The effects of the algae are not only unsightly but very costly if not treated. If your roof is infected by algae or other organisms such as moss or lichen, have a certified roof cleaner (non-pressure spray system) inspect it as soon as possible.



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