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Call a Roof Cleaner Before Selling your House – Roof Cleaning St. Charles, Illinois in Kane County

Before you list your house for sale, you may want to first contact a certified roof cleaner. Good curb appeal is critical when selling a house. If your roof has dark streaks and stains from algae or is covered in moss, an inexpensive roof cleaning will do the trick. Benefits of having your roof professionally cleaned include:

- Enhanced curb appeal resulting in more traffic from buyers and less market time.
- Good curb appeal can add as much as 10% to the value of the home.
- Removes the potential of a prospective buyer demanding a price reduction due to a “bad roof” which may delay or even kill the deal.
- A dirty and streaky roof makes the home look older than it really is.
- A clean well maintained home makes for a good neighbor with the community.

The Realtor that listed this house highly recommended to have the roof cleaned and the homeowners did just that. In doing so, they quickly sold their house and saved thousands of dollars by not having to replace the roof or by paying the buyers credits due to the roof’s appearance.




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