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Cedar Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC 252-314-8284

blog-0622404001422373465.jpgClean Pro Exteriors is an LLC fully insured cedar roof cleaner for Raleigh, NC. We are trained and certified in the Sullivan Roof Cleaning process for cleaning cedar shakes. This is an exclusive soft wash process and is not used by anyone else in our area. If you live in the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill area, and have any questions about this process I'll be available to help. My direct line is 252-314-8284. Email me at wjbrown1986@gmail.com.

Below is a video we did explaining the entire process along with the results. Also here is more information on cedar roof cleaning, videos, and before and after pictures.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Video

Josh Brown, 252-314-8284

Clean Pro Exteriors, President


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