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Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

Doug Rucker


Call or Text 281.883.8470blogentry-19-0-58965100-1396706156_thumbClean and Green Solutions and Kingwood Soft Wash have teamed up to offer the Kingwood Texas and entire Houston Texas area our Soft Wash no pressure washer used process for cleaning shingle and tile roofs. We use electric and air assisted pump systems to deliver out roof cleaning solution to remove years up built up mold and mildews stains. These ugly black roof stains not only hurt the appeal of your home, but also allow for unneeded damage to occur, causing you to have to replace your roof sooner than you should.

Our cleaning method for Roof Cleaning, is the only method recommended by the shingle manufactures themselves. Don't hire someone to pressure wash your roof using a pressure washer. Call us or text us at 281.883.8470


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