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Roof Washing Palm Harbor FL

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Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

This is a home in East Lake Woodlands Palm Harbor FL. We did a roof washing, house washing, and all concrete was cleaned as well. This is a huge community in the heart of Pinellas County FL. The entire community is surrounded by an Awesome golf course and beautiful landscaped grounds.


Anyone in need of roof washing in the Palm Harbor area call for your free estimate 727-919-1591






Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

Out washing roofs today in Palm Harbor FL. This is a repeat customer we have been doing for years. This was a dirty 2500 sq ft Tile Roof that we cleaned for her today.

This was in the Landsbrook subdivision in Palm Harbor FL, a real nice area with a real nice Golf Course.

As U can see, we brought out the natural color of this roof by removing all the mold & mildew off the tile surface. This will give the home a great curb appeal and prevent premature roof replacement. A clean roof is a happy roof.

Call us if you are in need of roof cleaning @ 727-919-1591






Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

Out in Lansbrook sudivision in Palm Harbor FL. This was a large 3 story 8000 sq ft home that needed roof cleaning. This was in the Gated community of Presidents Landing where a lot of the homes are large and multiple story. We have done work before for this client and they called us back for their roof cleaning this time.

This community is in a very large subdivision surrounded by a beautiful golf course and real nice landscaping. They take pride in appearance here and it really shows. This home has a painted white roof which will need re painting soon, but it still looks real good after the roof washing that we did.

Anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area in need of roof cleaning please call for your free estimate 727-919-1591







Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

Out washing roofs today in Palm Harbor FL. This roof was a referral from this homeowners son whom we did a roof cleaning for last month. This was a 2000 sq ft tile roof that was covered in mold & mildew. The homeowners concerns was the plants & shrubs surrounding the entire home.

We assured him that we have a dedicated ground guy who's only job is to soak down all the vegetation before, during, & after the roof cleaning process. We always tell our customers to run there sprinklers after were done as a precaution.

As u can see in the pictures, the roof was washed back to it's original color. Removing the mold & mildew from the roof will also increase the life of the roof as well.IMG_6358.thumb.PNG.6cd2b82ecc7e59349b5f3IMG_6360.thumb.PNG.28bceb5470bd4ac4d4fe2

Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

We were out again today in Palm Harbor Florida. Today we were down off of Alt 19 where these homes were on a canal that lead out to beautiful Gulf Of Mexico. We cleaned a tile roof for this customer who was referred to us from one of our painters we network with.

We have a few painters we have been doing roof cleaning for. Over the years you start to find good people who do quality work and start a little network together. We will be going back to this home after it is painted to clean all the concrete and clean & seal their pavers as well.

Here are a few pictures of the roof cleaning, we applied our roof wash chemical with No Pressure to the tiles and eliminated all the mold growth. The customer was very pleased with the results and we will be back here soon to finish up the rest of the job as soon as they are painted.


Anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area need a No Obligation Free estimate please call 727-919-1591

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