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Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

This is a Great customer of ours who lives in this beautiful gated community in Odessa FL. We have been cleaning for him and his neighbors for the last 10 yrs. This home is a 10,000 sq ft home on 5 acres of property. All the homes in here have 5 acres or more land, so there is a big space to enjoy life, without being on top of each other.

The homeowner called us out to Softwash his tile roof and huge patio. he is having a big party this weekend and wanted everything spruced up. With a home like this you can deffinitly entertain with no problem at all.

Anyone in the Odessa FL area in need of roof cleaning please call us for a free estimate 727-919-1591












Pinellas Roof Cleaning 727-919-1591

We do a lot of Roof Washing in Odessa FL. It is a more rural area with larger, more extravagant homes. If your looking for an area to build or buy an existing home with a lot of property, Odessa is a great city to look at.

I did notice that a lot of the roofs have steeper pitches in this area, we have done many Roof Cleanings safely on these roofs. We are normally called in to estimate a lot of these style roofs by referral from other previous neighbors we have done.


Odessa is located in the heart of Tampa Bay, great place for kids lots of open spaces. There are a lot of areas in Odessa that are real horse friendly because of the wide open spaces. Roof Cleaning some of these large homes can be challenging for some contractors who have never tackled this type of job. We have been contacted by other Roof Cleaning companies to handle these type Roofs for them.

Servicing all of zip code 33556

If anyone in the Odessa area needs a free no obligation Estimate, please call me at 727-919-1591

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