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Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal. Bellingham, Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties

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We are in the middle of cleaning several large cedar shake roofs in the exclusive gated golf community of Semiahmoo in the city of Blaine, WA. Here you can see one of our cleaning technicians properly harnessed up for safety as he removes the debris from the roof using low pressure. Give Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning a call at 360-831-9494 for all you Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning, Service and Restoration needs. See our Website for More information.




We received a call from an owner of a home in Bellingham WA, wondering if there was anything that could be done for his cedar shake roof. Honestly, upon first glance, even we were dubious. The roof was over 30 years old, full of moss, debris and lichen. It had been treated with zinc sulphate moss killer which is terrible for cedar roofs. There were curled, cupped sections. Old zinc strip hung in strips from it. We were fairly sure it would at the bare minimum need a ton of service or worse, replacement. But...

Cedar once again surprised us. It turned out the shakes were properly installed. They were thick. They were well fastened. After two stages of restoration, this is how the roof looks today with one more final oiling stage left...




Once again showing why we love cedar shake roofs! Contact us at www.deadmoss.com/cedar.html or contact us at 360-831-9494 for all your cedar shake cleaning, repair and restoration needs in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish, San Juan and King Counties. Serving Bellingham to Seattle. 



Another Mossy Roof properly cleaned without damaging pressure washing, scraping or brushing. Done safely with proper fall protection equipment by our experienced staff. Call Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning For all your Moss removal and roof cleaning needs in Whatcom, Skagit, Island and Snohomish Counties. Peak Of Perfection Roof Cleaning 360-831-9494





It is still not too late to have your roof cleaned in Bellingham. We are skirting the cold weather and rain storms and getting jobs done. Today my crew is on a job in La Conner WA and then on a small home in Bellingham WA. We also offer state of the art Hot Water Concrete Power Washing and warm water siding cleaning. Contact us today at 360-831-9494 or see our website at www.deadmoss.com



Another Cedar Shake Roof Cleaned and Maintained in Quilcene, WA by Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning. This small cedar shake roof on a residence was cleaned, with low pressure, high volume compressed air, followed by application of our cedar cleaning solution to remove the moss, algae and heavy lichen covering. Several missing shakes were replaced with new and some loose ones were re-nailed. For information on how your cedar shake roof can be maintained, contact us at 360-831-9494 or see our website at www.deadmoss.com 

Serving Belling to Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Area. 


Three. An unfortunate three. That is the number of cedar shake roofs we saw this month which were not maintained and were past the point of being maintained. Each of them was in the 25 year old range. This SHOULD be about 1/2 life for a cedar shake roof, but unfortunately, they had all been neglected and were past the point of being cleaned and reconditioned. So instead of a very modest fee for servicing, three owners are now facing tens of thousands of dollars in tear off and premature replacement costs. If you own a cedar shake roofed home from Seattle to Bellingham, please contact us for a consultation. We can help you set up a maintenance program designed to maximize the life of your roof. http://www.deadmoss.com or 360 831 9494


We recently completed a Cedar Shake roof cleaning and restoration in the Fairhaven area of Bellingham, WA. This roof was extremely dirty, encrusted with moss/lichen/mushrooms and in dire need of cleaning. We utilized our non pressure cleaning system along with low pressure high volume air to remove the years of moss, lichen, algae, wood rot fungus, pine needles, leaves and debris. While others claimed that this roof was unsalvageable, we think the results speak for themselves. If you have a cedar roof from Blaine to Seattle, WA, don't replace it until you contact us. Restoration costs a fraction of replacement and adds thousands and thousands of dollars of property value (ideal for marketing if you are planning to sell your home). Contact us at http://www.deadmoss.com Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning. Cedar Cleaning, Service and Restoration from Blaine to Seattle Washington. 


Before Cleaning. Dirty, encrusted with moss, lichen, and black rot fungus. 



After Restoration. Yes, this IS the same roof! 




We just finished another Cedar Shake Roof cleaning and restoration in Bellingham, WA. This 8000+ sq ft estate was cleaned, oiled and all debris removed by our crew over a multi day period to meet a tight escrow deadline. It was covered in pine needles and infested with black wood rot fungus, now removed using our non pressure Sullivan Cedar Cleaning System and safe compressed air. The results speak for themselves. Contact Kevin at Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning for your Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and restoration in Washington State. 


Before Cleaning and Conditioning. The cedar was black and full of pine needles and some moss. This property had two different aged roofs on it. 


Black Rot Fungus. This was after removing tons of pine needle debris using safe low pressure compressed air. 



After Cleaning and conditioning. Ready for many more years of service.


Older section right after oiling. It will lighten up over the next week to a beautiful dark honey tone. 



Main Roof. 


Another cedar shake roof cleaned and maintained in Blaine WA in the exclusive gated ocean front community of Semiahmoo. This cleaning on a 12 year old roof was done using the Sullivan Cedar Cleaning System method with no pressure washing. Contact Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning at www.deadmoss.com for more information about proper cedar shake roof cleaning and maintenance.



Another Cedar Shake Roof cleaned and maintained in Bellingham, WA. This customer was told his 20 year old roof needed to be replaced. We disagreed. We applied a proper non pressure Cedar Roof Cleaning using the Sullivan Cedar Cleaning System. We got rid of the black wood rot fungus which infested the roof and killed all the moss, lichen and algae.

Afterwards, the client was blown away at the transformation...and it was raining hard when we finished so this isn't even the color the roof will eventually be. This roof should be easily serviceable for many more years if properly maintained. Contact Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning at Three Six Zero, Eight Three One, Nine Four Nine Four to inquire about having your cedar shake roof properly maintained.





We just finished cleaning this beautiful Cedar Shake Roof in the waterfront Golf Course Community of Semiahmoo in Blaine WA. Our safe, non pressure cleaning system safely removes the moss, lichen and black and brown wood rot fungus that infests your cedar shake roof, discoloring it and breaking it down. We apply a natural wood oil to the roof to rehydrate the shakes and help maintain their flexibility.

See our website at http://www.deadmoss.com









Another Roof Cleaned in Bellingham, WA. This small home in the Columbia neighborhood had a 10 year old roof and was surrounded by trees. Above you see a picture of the very mossy garage. We cleaned this roof using our no pressure cleaning system, removing moss, algae, lichens and cyanobacteria colonies.

Contact us at 360-831-9494 to schedule your cleaning today.


Another Extreme Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal. Single Family home overlooking the Harbor in Bellingham, WA. Severely neglected by the previous owner, the new owners needed to have it done to get insurance. It started out like this...


And Ended up like this...


This has so much tree debris it had turned into soil up above. The moss came off in sheets like sod with dirt underneath. The view from afterwards was much improved...


Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning is a Bellingham WA specializing in Asphalt and Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and maintenance. Licensed, bonded and insured, we use only ARMA and Cedar Institute approved methods and products. No pressure washing, scraping or ugly powders are ever used. Contact us at 360-831-9494 to inquire. Servicing Bellingham to the Greater Seattle area.


Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning has just completed a roof cleaning in Oak Harbor WA. This asphalt shake roof was full of tree debris and moss. We removed the majority of the tree debris using low pressure compressed air then cleaned and removed the remaining debris with roof safe manufacture approved cleaning solution applied at soft, low pressure.

Before roof cleaning...


Debris and much of the moss removed (everything now dead). Every care taken to do as little damage as possible to preserve the life of the roof.




Remaining tufts of dead moss and lichen have been safely killed and oxidized by our process. Black roof bacterial colonies have been removed, returning the roof back to

its original color.

Contact us at 360-831-9494. Serving Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish and the Greater Seattle areas. Specializing in Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance and Preservation and Asphalt Shingle cleaning and preservation. www.deadmoss.com


We just completed a Cedar roof cleaning in Auburn WA. This roof was in poor shape, neglected with tons of black wood rot fungus, moss and lichen. We applied our gentle, non pressure cleaning system and the results speak for themselves. This roof would have been destroyed thru pressure cleaning. As you can see from pictures taken during the cleaning, the bottom section of the roof in the picture below has been completed and is transformed!

A close up shows the black wood rot in the shakes...


Now, the roof is brighter, cleaner and properly serviced...


We offer NON Pressure, proper Cedar cleaning for northwest Washington in the Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomosh and King County areas from Bellingham to Seattle.


Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning of Bellingham, WA is proud to announce we now offer Cedar Roof Cleaning for the Semiahmoo, Fairhaven, Edgemoor and Geneva Areas along with the Greater Bellingham and Whatcom County areas.

Our Cleaning system does not use pressure washing and we do everything possible to avoid walking on your roof. Our system is gentle and removes all the moss, algae, lichen, fungus and mold which damages and degrades your cedar roof. Extend the life of your roof by having it property maintained.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Call us at 360-312-4236 or see our website at http://www.deadmoss.com


Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning is proud to announce we now cover Cedar Roof Cleaning in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area including Everett, Seattle, Redmond, Mercer Island, Clyde Hill, Yarrow Point, Hunts Point and Cities between.

Our Cedar cleaning method uses no pressure washing, and we do everything possible to avoid stepping foot on your roof. Our system is gentle to your roof and effectively removes the moss, algae, lichen, fungus and mold which invests your roof, degrading it and shortening its' life.

We are licensed, bonded and insured as well as a Premier Member and Forum Administrator on the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, the largest and most well established professional roof cleaning forum on the Internet.

For all your Cedar Roof Cleaning and Cedar Moss Removal needs, please see our website at http://www.deadmoss.com or call us at 360-312-4236.



Roof cleaning is an essential service. Maintenance of your roof will extend the service life of one of the most expensive parts of your home's structure, not to mention maintain the appearance. These days, there are a lot of guys jumping on the roof cleaning bandwagon. You see listings on Craigslist, you see signs posted, you get mailers and flyers and postcards (Oh My!)

So...how do you choose? What criteria do you use to select a good roof cleaner? Well, beyond the obvious (licensed, bonded and insured), knows the infestations on your roof, uses no brooming/scraping or pressure washing...and a member of the RCIA Roof Cleaning forum (a Premier Member, even better!)...there IS one thing you can use to help differentiate a true professional from the amateur.


Roof cleaning is an inherently dangerous business. Nearly every roof cleaner has had a "moment". Roofs are inherently slippery places which are high off the ground. In the battle between you and gravity...the fundamental force wins. Roof accidents in general account for a very high percentage of industrial accidents and fatalities. It is for this reason that OSHA has set very stringent standards for safety. A true professional roof cleaner will follow those standards. And while not every OSHA regulation makes perfect sense (it IS a Government agency after all!), there are some good, common sense safety standards and practices that every professional roof cleaner should follow and that you as the customer should ask about.

First...if your property is over 1 story, and the roof cleaner needs to go onto your roof, do they use safety harnesses? Particularly on a steep roof. While many roofs can be cleaned from the gutter line, there will be times when you simply cannot effectively clean some portions of the roof from the side and it requires roof access. It is those times when safety harnesses and proper safety anchors come into play.

By law, your are supposed to be anchored on ANY roof. But the laws are being changed as it does not necessarily make sense to be anchored up on a 6' 4/12 pitch roof. However...IF the roof cleaner needs to step on your 2 or higher story roof, they should be anchored. Do they install safety anchors if they are not there? Safety anchors are the only approved method for harnessing up on a roof. Not a tree/bumper/deck/chimney/etc. A permanent safety anchor provides the best placement and attachment point in case there is a slip or fall. Your cleaner may use a temporary anchor which is nailed or screwed to the roof, then removed before leaving with the holes being sealed with a permanent roof sealant. Some may utilize a pipe anchor which slips into a vent stack pipe...assuming there is one there which allows proper positioning. These are sketchy for any pitch about 6/12 in my experience.

IF anchors need to be installed, should you as the client expect to pay for them? If they are permanent, YES. Absolutely. They are a value added addition to your home. They take time to install and have a cost to them. It is absolutely fair to expect the Roof Cleaner to be paid for the time and materials needed to install them. If your roof cleaner does not do anchor installations, chances are they work with a local roofing contractor who can install them for you. It is a good idea to have them on your roof if it is high and/or steep. All commercial buildings should have them...but commercial anchors may not be installed by the Roof Cleaner. Flat roofs or TPA/Membrane roofs require a roofing contractor to install anchors in order to maintain the integrity of the seal. You should inquire.

Next...safety harnesses should be worn when anchored. Putting the rope around your waist is NOT acceptable and will lead to serious, likely fatal internal injuries if the worker goes over the edge. A proper safety harness attached to a shock absorbing lanyard is the standard. These days, they are easy to wear and very comfortable so there is no excuse for not having one.

Next...Ladder Safety. Ladder falls are one of the other biggies in the industrial accident world. A fall even off a 6' ladder can be fatal. A roof cleaner should always use something called a ladder stabilizer/standoff. This stabilizes the ladder on the roof and keep the ladder off the gutters. Bent gutters are the sign of an amateur. Also, gutters are inherently slippery and provide a poor place to lean a ladder against. A standoff is a small investment to make in equipment and if your roof or gutter cleaner does not use one to access the roof line, look elsewhere. Ladders should be placed so they are level. Most good ladders have leg levelers, or levelers can be added. Sorry, a brick or rock does NOT...I repeat...does NOT count as a leg leveler! If the ladder is placed on soil, there are soil spikes at the end of the ladder shoes which should be used.

OSHA regulations call for ladders to stick up 3' beyond the roof line for access when somebody is going onto the roof. Some cleaners will invest in a ladder extender which allows direct access to the roof thru the extender. This is a good idea.

Last but not least, Is the safety equipment in good operating condition? Frayed lines, rusty or bent ladders and bent ladder standoffs are a sign of neglect. None of these tools are that expensive, relative to the cost of a good cleaning...or a fall and subsequent trip to the hospital.


Moss Removal VS. Roof CLEANING

I get a LOT of calls from clients who want Moss removal done. Well...we are not a Moss Removal Company...we are a Professional ROOF CLEANING Company in Bellingham, Wa. What is the difference?

Guys who do moss removal may be getting the moss off of your roof...but that is only 1/2 the story. While your roof may be moss free, it is still dirty and full of damaging organisms. The most predominant one is a Cyanobacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. GM, as it is known in the roof cleaning industry, is an ancient, blue/green Cyanobacteria which lives off of Calcium Carbonate. It eats the limestone which comprises a large percentage of the filler in the asphalt shingles which comprise 95% of the roofs in Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties. When GM feeds, it does what every other organism which eats does...it poops. In this case, GM poops out Nitrogen fertilizer. This fertilizer makes moss very very happy and the moss spores move in an rapidly colonize your roof. That is why the moss comes back so rapidly when all you have is your roof moss removed! In addition, the GM builds up layers on your roof and as it does so, the top layers die off and oxidize, staining your roof black. Now you know what causes all those black streaks on your roof!

GM can't be scraped off, brushed off, broomed off, picked off or even effectively power washed off...not that you should EVER let anybody do those destructive things to your roof! The powdered moss removal products do a poor job of removing it at best. The ONLY effective method of complete removal without causing damage to your shingles is to use the System that all top professional roof cleaning companies use...including us. This method involves spraying a cleaning solution which kills and safely removes the GM colonies from your roof. This solution then rapidly breaks down into water, oxygen and a bit of salt that are safely washed away. It thoroughly and effectively kills moss, algae, G.M. and Lichens. It removes the staining from the GM colonies, leaving your roof looking fresh, bright and clean.

How much of a difference IS there between moss removal and Professional Roof Cleaning? No better example can be given than a small rental house we did off of Sunset Dr. here in Bellingham. The property had a "roof cleaning" done by a handyman service. In reality, all they did was to remove the moss on the main roof. We were called in by the property manager to consult on another matter and noticed how dingy the roof looked. When the property manager told me she had it cleaned...we asked her to allow us to show her what a true, proper cleaning actually looked like. Here are the results.

Before, the roof has no moss, but it is dingy and dirty with a bunch of algae and G.M. stains....


Then...we cleaned it. Same house, same day...


The difference is pretty stunning! Now the roof is properly CLEAN!


Long Lasting Results

Does a professional roof cleaning cost more? NO! While the initial Price can a bit higher...though not always...your long term COSTS are lower. What do I mean by this? Simple, because we remove ALL the organisms off your roof, including the GM that is sitting there excreting fertilizer, it takes much longer for the organisms to re-establish themselves on your roof. How much longer? We have some roofs we treated 4 years ago that are just now needing a touch up maintenance coating. This versus most moss removal companies who want you to re-treat every year. Your overall cost over the years is much lower with our system! In addition, we remove the G.M. which does slowly break down the shingle, thinning it out as it consumes the Limestone. Also, during the summer, the darkening of the roof causes your shingles to heat up more more than they otherwise would, causing them to dry out more and become brittle. This also makes your house hotter when it is hot and sunny out. Let's face it, a lot of us don't have AC here in the Pac Northwest. We think 80 degree is sweltering. So anything that causes the house to get hotter on our rare August 90 degree days is a bad thing! Removing the black layer on the roof may not make it Springtime 65 degree cool in your home, but it can't hurt!

Call us today at 360-831-9494 to schedule your roof cleaning or see our website at http://www.deadmoss.com for more information. Remember...we are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection!

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