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  1. blog-0376765001427625070.jpgSpring is finally here in Central Pennsylvania despite the unseasonable cold temperatures we are still dealing with. According to the experts, it could be a particularly difficult season for allergy and asthma sufferers. Over 40 million Americans who are used to dealing with spring allergies know that the end of March means the start of runny noses, watery eyes and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms

    In recent years, we have seen milder winters, which meant the early arrival of both pollen and spring allergies. Because we have had a much longer and colder winter, allergy season may start later and end sooner but, could pack quite a punch to the allergy sufferers in Central Pennsylvania while it is here.

    Oftentimes, the only way for an allergy sufferer to get some relief this time of year is to stock up on allergy pills and nasal sprays in an effort to minimize the suffering. Asthma sufferers are worse off than the average seasonal allergic person. Because it is typically the early spring that is the worst for asthma, doctors recommend asthmatics begin using their prescribed medications well before spring and spring allergy season begins.

    For those seasonal allergy sufferers who are not given relief from over-the-counter drugs, it may be necessary to take different measures. Newly available medications including immunotherapy pills work in the same manner as allergy shots have in the past.

    But there are precautions that can be taken to help ease the impending suffering of a person with springtime allergies in addition to whatever type of medications you would use to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

    The savvy asthmatic or allergy sufferer will find it helpful to keep track of local pollen counts, which can be found online or by checking your local weather forecast. By keeping track of the pollen counts, it may make it easier to avoid outdoor activities. If it is still necessary to spend time outdoors, it may be most comfortable for allergy or asthmas to do so in the afternoon. Generally, the counts tend to highest between 5AM and 10AM and at their lowest right after a heavy rainfall. But also know that pollen can blow as much as 50 miles, making very difficult to escape!

    Another way to lessen the suffering from seasonal allergies is to try to keep pollen out of your home environment. Coats, jackets, shoes and hats should be taken off immediately upon entry to your home so help prevent contaminating other parts of your home with pollen that was carried into your “pollen free†living environment. Showering before bedtime to remove any residual pollen is also a necessary step to prevent transfer of pollen to your bedding.

    Cleaning your home’s exterior is yet another way to keep nasty pollutants such as pollen or algae from triggering allergic reactions. Regular cleaning of your home’s exterior including sidewalks, driveways, decks and other surfaces will help wash away the pollen, algae and other pollutants that cause springtime seasonal allergies.

    Liberty SoftWash, located in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKkhCFutRVA, is a great choice for all your exterior cleaning needs. Some of the services we provide include: pressure washing, soft wash roof cleaning, house washing, deck cleaning, gutter cleaning and more. Call the professionals at Liberty SoftWash for your exterior cleaning needs in Central Pennsylvania. (717) 578-5342

  2. Roof Washing Cascade,MI

    We recently cleaned this homes roof in Cascade, MI. The home owner did not like the way his home was looking with all the black streaks on his roof. Nothing makes a beautiful home look terrible than having black streaks all over the roof. With a safe roof wash from Kleen Roof & Exterior, home owners no longer need to have a dirty roof.

    other services offered by us.

    • House Washing
    • Gutter Whitening
    • Gutter Clean-out
    • Cement Cleaning
    • Deck Cleaning

    ​If you would like more information, please visit our website, and fill out our contact form. We will contact you shortly. Or give us a call at: 616-914-9064

  3. Here is a barrel tile roof we cleaned a few weeks ago. This home is located in the North Tampa area, in zip code 33647.

    We did this job nearly 6 years ago, but the customer is selling this home, and wanted his tile roof to look brand new again.  This is a very exclusive area of Tampa! In fact, this area is full of football players! 



  4. Roof Algae Cleaning Myths Debunked in Louisville Ky.

    There's a lot of false information about roof algae cleaning floating around right now, and I guess this is to be expected because it's still a relatively new industry and most homeowners still aren't that familiar with it. But I'm tired of seeing all the confusion and decided that it's time to set the record straight. It's time to blast some common roof cleaning myths out of the water once and for all. So, without further ado, I give you the top ten myths about roof stain removal.

    Myth #1: Black roof stains are caused by tar, acid, dirt, or jet fuel. Roof stains are caused by a hardy type of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. All it takes is for one algae spore to land on your shingles and take hold and then it’s off to the races. The algae will continue to multiply and spread, its growth fed by the limestone filler in the shingles and moisture.

    Myth #2: Algae on roof shingles is really a signal that it's time for a new roof. Simply the presence of algae stains does not necessarily equate with needing a new roof. In many cases all a roof needs is a good professional cleaning to restore its original look and health. You might notice that roofers don’t like roof cleaners very much, and this is because we keep them honest. If a roofer tells you that you need a whole new roof just because of some algae staining tell him to take a walk and look up your local non-pressure roof cleaning company instead. You’ll save a huge amount of money.

    Myth #3: Roof algae removal will have no real impact on a home's curb appeal. Most people are shocked when they see how much better their home looks after a roof cleaning. I think this is because most homeowners have gotten so used to seeing the stains on their roof that they’ve completely forgotten how good it once looked. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cleaned the roof of a house that had been on the market for months with virtually no activity and within days of the cleaning it finally started getting serious offers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that no matter how beautiful your landscaping, no matter how clean your windows, no matter how precise the painted trim, if your roof is covered in filthy algae stains then it will still ruin your curb appeal, if not in your eyes then in the eyes of your family, friends, neighbors, and potential buyers.

    Myth #4: Roof algae is only a cosmetic issue so it can be ignored for now. If not cleaned off and kept at bay roof algae has the ability to shave years off the life of your shingles. It’s important to remember that roof algae is a living organism that needs food to continue to grow. Guess what the favorite food of roof algae is? That’s right – your shingles! Shingle makers now use limestone filler in the manufacturing process which the algae just loves to chew on. This will result in premature loss of shingle granules and general deterioration. Shingle granules are vital to the health of your roof and home because they work to deflect UV rays and heat away from your roof surface. If they are gone or covered with algae then you will have a hotter attic and higher AC bills. You’ll also have to replace the roof a lot sooner, and with the average new roof these days topping $10,000 it’s just a no-brainer to keep your shingles clean and functional for a fraction of the cost.

    Myth #5: The best way to go about removing roof algae is with high pressure. I’ve beaten this one to death on this site but it bears repeating that, next to positioning your home in the path of a tornado, power washing your roof to remove algae stains is the worst thing you could possibly do to it. Just because your concrete, deck, and brick siding were pressure cleaned doesn’t mean you should do it to your shingles. Don’t you have any idea how flimsy and fragile your shingles are? Don’t you realize how many thousand or tens of thousands of shingle granules will pop right off with the use of a power washing wand? It just always blows my mind that people think this is a good idea. Yes, blasting your roof with 2000 PSI will remove some of the stains, but if it removes some of your actual roof in the process then what the heck is the point? If you bought a roof algae remover and somewhere in the instructions it says that you should walk up on your roof with a power washing wand in hand and unleash hell on your shingles then it's safe to say that you purchased the wrong product.

    Myth #6: Chemical roof cleaning will damage shingles, gutters, and landscaping. If you’re using the right chemicals with the proper procedures then you have nothing to fear. I’ve cleaned hundreds of roofs with non-pressure chemical methods and have never once seen a situation where we caused damage to someone’s home. I also only clean roofs with a helper present who’s sole responsibility is to rinse the heck out of the grass, bushes, and perimeter landscaping so that there’s absolutely no chance of plant damage. We usually do such a good job of rinsing that homeowners notice that their landscaping actually looks especially healthy and vibrant in the days following the cleaning. ARMA (the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (North America’s largest shingle maker) both recommend that shingles be cleaned with non-pressure, chemical methods, and any home inspector worth his salt would also concur.

    Myth #7: It's only necessary to clean the sections of the roof that have visible stains. Just because you can’t see algae stains on certain parts of the roof doesn’t mean that it’s not already there and beginning to develop. Keep in mind that in its early stages roof algae is completely invisible to the naked eye. It’s not until the more advanced stages that it actually turns black and becomes visible. So if you can see algae on even one section of your roof that means that it’s probably already taking hold on your entire roof. I always try to explain this to my customers but occasionally I still get people who don’t believe it and demand that I only do a spot-clean to remove visible stains. I reluctantly oblige their demands but am never surprised when I drive by a year later to see the untreated areas now completely covered in black algae! Then they usually call me back with the standard, “You were right. Can you please come back and clean the whole roof as you originally recommended?”

    Myth #8: Ambient temperature has no effect on the effectiveness of a roof algae cleaner. If you’re using the correct chemical mixture then it will be most effective when the temperature is above 50 degrees. Below 50 and the power of the solution drops off rapidly. If you absolutely must have the roof cleaned on a day when it’s right around 50 or a little bit lower just keep in mind that the chemicals will need to sit for a little bit longer on the roof to be effective. So instead of giving it five minutes to kill the algae give it 15. Then reapply if necessary. On the flip side, if it’s an extremely hot day you may find that your chemical is evaporating before it even has a chance to kill the algae. In this situation you can simply soak the roof with water to cool it down before applying the chemicals.

    Myth #9: Roof cleaning is an easy DIY project that any homeowner can do in an afternoon. There’s nothing easy or quick about roof cleaning. In fact, if you approach it with a cavalier attitude you run a good chance of injuring yourself. If you want to have any chance of cleaning your roof safely and effectively then you need to set out a clear plan of attack, have safety procedures in place, and, above all, take your time. Rushing through a roof cleaning only leads to trouble. Unless you’re one of these guys that absolutely has to do every home improvement job on his own I would highly recommend that you just find a qualified, non-pressure roof cleaning company in your area. Either you can hire somebody who has the equipment and experience to clean your roof in a few hours or you can spend an entire weekend doing it yourself and risking your life. Your choice.

    Myth #10: Roof cleaning companies tend to overprice their work and take advantage of consumers. I guess I’m always a little disappointed when I tell someone that it will cost $300-$500 to clean their roof and they give me attitude and insinuate that I’m somehow ripping them off. I think people hear that word “cleaning” and they think it should be cheap like carpet cleaning or house cleaning. Think about it. Does a carpet cleaner spend three hours at your house sweating his butt off and getting sunburned? No. Does a carpet cleaner run the possibility of paralysis or death by simply doing his job? No. Does a carpet cleaner spend $100 on chemicals for every single job? No. Can a carpet cleaner offer you a guarantee that the treated surface will stay clean for years to come? No. There’s so much more that goes into a professional roof cleaning than for any other kind of residential cleaning service that it’s really not even fair to lump them into the same category. As a matter of fact, I actually think that most roof cleaning companies come in too low with their prices when you consider all the variables involved. I also challenge you to name me one other home improvement service that can instantly transform a home’s curb appeal in a single afternoon for under $500. Can’t be done. And when you consider that it not only makes your home more beautiful but also extends the life of your expensive roof by a matter of years I think that having a roof cleaned is one of the smartest and most cost-effective things that a homeowner could possibly do to protect their biggest investment.

    So now that I’ve cleared the air and educated you about the myths that surround the roof cleaning industry I hope you’ll take these words of advice to heart because they represent the straightest talk about this topic that you’re going to find. I’m not here to serve up a load of BS just because I’m trying to sell a product. I’m telling you like it is because there are too many lies flying around. Either you can buy into one of the myths and be disappointed with the results or you can have your shingles cleaned the right way and be satisfied with your new-looking, beautiful home that is free of roof algae.

    Call today, 502-773-1730, for your free no-obligation quote for restoring the beauty of your home.


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  6. blog-0272436001395932961.jpgBrian C. Jackson is a roof cleaner that uses a safe non pressure application to rid your roof of the ugly black stains. This type of staining is called gloeocapsa magma and it is an algae that is feeding on the roof and shortening the life of the roof. The homes in Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824, 01863 have this same problem with the algae and these roof will need to be cleaned or the roof will need to be replaced earlier than expected. A proper roof cleaning according to the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) is having the roof cleaned with a non pressure method and not using a power washer or a pressure washer. The use of a high powered machine can and will damage the roof granules and this method is not recommended or approved and it may void the warranty on the roof. To get a free estimate on roof cleaning or any of the other exterior soft washing services we offer call Brian @ (603)401-8408 or visit the website @ www.jacksoncontracting.net
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    blog-0726634001362439737.jpgWell its almost time for roof cleaning to start again. The calls have been starting to flow in, and the estimates are starting to go out.... we are thinking another 2 weeks before its full steam ahead... It seems that this years roofs are extremely dirty from our not so cold winter... the algae seems to love our area and climate... Cant wait for the season to start!!!
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  8. Is the roof of your home being eaten by mold, algae and moss?

    Here is a home in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania near Dillsburg PA that we cleaned using our no-pressure roof cleaning system to kill the algae and to remove the black streaks that stained the shingles.

    The roof on this PA home had a lot of moss growing and feeding off of the limestone that the shingles are made up of and was deteriorating the shingles while making the home look much older than it is!! With the moss growing on the shingles we had to take extra precaution and extra procedures to safely remove the moss and algae to restore the roof back it's clean state.



    From pressure washing the siding, squeegee cleaning the windows and power washing the concrete sidewalks we had the home sparkling like new again when we were finished using our cleaners.

    This Mechanicsburg is one of the hundreds of homes and roofs we have washed and cleaned in the Harrisburg area. for over 12 years we have been involved in the power washing industry and with 4 trucks to serve you we strive to do our best to work your job in as quickly as we can!!

    If you are looking to have your roof safely cleaned or your home power washed, give us a call for your free quote!!

    We have some one in the office from 8-5 each work day and try to take all calls, but we do miss some if we are on the other line with another customer.



    Give us a call today!!!


    We offer roof cleaning service in the following areas.

    Roof cleaning Dillsburg PA 17019, roof washing Mechanicsburg PA 17050, shingle cleaning Boiling Springs PA 17007, shingle stain removal Harrisburg PA 17111, Roof streaks Carlisle PA 17013, dirty shingle cleaners Hershey PA 17033, roof no-power cleaning Hummelstown PA 17036, House washing Palmyra PA 17078, Window cleaning Lewisberry PA, Roof cleaners Etters

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  9. blog-0460262001424136884.jpgThe black you see on your roof is generally referred to as black algae. It's actually a bacteria, according to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloeocapsa_magma

    At Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure washing, we can completely erradicate that algae and in most cases make your roof look like it did when it was new!

    Pressure Washing will remove the appearance [ along with the granules on shingles and the glazing on tiles ] but using a power washing machine does not erradicate the living bacteria, by any means! It does blow it all around your house though. So, after a Pressure Cleaning job, your roof looks clean, but is still coated in the living bacteria spores and they continue to grow, as you will see clearly in about a year or in 1 1/2 years. Also, all that bacteria that has been blown from the roof-alive- is now going to grow strong on your house walls, awnings, pool enclosure, deck and driveway / sidewalks.

    Why blast it, when you don't have to?

    What we do is referred to as "Soft Washing" Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning" No-Pressure or Chemical cleaning"

    We didn't invent it. The roofing manufacturers, most likely tired of paying for premature roof replacements from pressure washing machines causing so much damage, came up with what is simply a chemical treatment, applied with about 60 psi { Pressure Washers Run 3000 to 4000 psi }

    We don't even start a pressure washer during a roof cleaning and if one is started, the contractor is fooling you!

    Attached are 3 videos of me cleaning 3 different types of roofs with this method.

    Call 941-698-1959 for a free firm price quote [ not an estimate! ]

    Visit my website at http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/

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  10. Have your ever had your cedar shake roof inspected? If it is five years or older, it is due for a checkup and cleaning. Just like our teeth, cedar must also be cleaned and maintained. A well maintained cedar shake roof should last 40 to 60 years. However, if it is not properly cleaned and maintained, the cedar shakes will eventually decay.

    Why Should You Care? Your cedar roof was expensive to install, will be expensive to repair and eventually will be even more expensive to replace. It’s in your best interest to maximize its useful life by scheduling a routine maintenance cleaning treatment before moss, lichen, mold, algae and fungi ruin your cedar roof.

    Does your roof have dark gray, black or greenish color like this house shown below? Is there moss growing on your roof like on this house? If so, deterioration has begun and must be addressed immediately. Just like a dentist appointment, putting it off will only lead to further decay until it is too late and a costly replacement is the only option.

    Fortunately the owners of this Naperville house called Advantage Roof Cleaning Company for their cedar roof cleaning before it was too late.

    Do we use power washing? No. Power washing relies upon brute pressure to clean a surface. Cedar is a soft wood and power washing can do more harm than good. Our roof treatment offers a “non-pressure” cleaning process which is designed specifically for cedar shake roofs. Our non-pressure cleaning process stopped the present deteriorating condition by removing the infestations. The cedar shake roof was returned to its intended functioning condition. No costly repairs or roof replacement was needed. Cost of treatment, in most cases, is less than 5% of the replacement cost! To read more, go here. To contact us, go here.

    Picture Before Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Preserving Naperville and Hinsdale DuPage County

    Picture After Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and Preserving in Naperville and Hinsdale DuPage County

  11. Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC

    Whippany NJ Roof and Exterior Soft Washing

    (877) 420-WASH or (732) 726-9261

    Whippany Roof Cleaning Services

    We do not use a pressure washer to clean roofs! Everything staining your roof is alive and contagious. Moss, mold, lichen and algae are removed by applying a detergent that sterilizes the growth. There is a small amount of bleach in the detergent which is used to kill the moss and mold. This process created a near 100% kill ratio on the organism creating the roof stains. The result is a clean and truly sterile roof. Our detergents are applied at pressures less than 60psi.

    Soft washing has replaced the dated high pressure method of the past. We do not rely on blasting high pressure to create clean. Each stain is removed by applying our proprietary detergent. This process is safe for all surfaces including vinyl, stucco, cedar and even painted surfaces. Get a free quote for roof cleaning in Whippany NJ today. Check out our sister site for Roof and Exterior Cleaning Hanover Township.

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  13. By Pressure Cleaning and Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning / Chuck Bergman. We all keep the interior of our homes clean. We would be embarrassed to have our neighbors, friends or family see it otherwise. http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/

    The exterior of our

    homes need cleaning as well. The exteriors are visible to everyone!.

    Cleaning the exterior of your house would be a difficult task on your

    own. Professional roof cleaning, as well a cleaning of the exterior

    walls, soffits, facia, gutter/downspout faces and driveway / sidewalk

    areas are necessary.

    This is especially true for roof cleaning, as improper Charlotte County, Florida roof cleaning

    techniques, often using pressure washing methods can severely damage

    roofing and can cause structural damage to the remainder of your


    Most algae, mildew and mold can be seen as black / green areas. Algae growing on

    your roof can wreck havoc on your SW Florida home's integrity and will eventually effect the quality of your

    indoor air, as the spores are airborn. Do-It-Yourself roof cleaning tactics usually result in

    damaging your roof, or yourself.

    If your home in Charlotte or Southern Sarasota County, Florida is plagued with algae, mold and mildew, call the expert roof cleaners at Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning of SW Florida.

    We will take care to ensure your roofing stays intact and damage-free

    while we properly clean your roof and and remove the mold and mildew.

    Being in this business since 1989,

    we have the equipment and skills to have your roof looking spotless

    with our professional, soft wash roof cleaning services. Don't let

    mildew, mold or algae ruin your Florida home. Call your reliable, licensed, insured Charlotte County roof cleaning, S. Sarasota County pressure washing contractor,Chuck Bergman today for professional roof cleaning services! WARNING: Pressure Washing Your Roof is Exactly What The Roofing Manufacturers Say NOT TO DO!

    They specifically say not to use pressure or power washing as

    a way to

    clean your roofing. Some roof cleaning companies may offer high

    pressure washing services. However, this tactic will dislodge granules

    and lead to premature failure and may cause severe damage of your


    system. Equipment, like water brooms, roof gitters, pitch witches, and

    surface cleaners and pressure washer wands all operate from a pressure

    washer and will all cause

    more harm than good.

    When you are looking to have your roof cleaned, choose a Certified

    "Soft-Wash" Roof Cleaning Professional from the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America - RCIA. Each member of the

    Roof Cleaning Institute of America is dedicated to providing customers

    with leading edge technology, and a wealth of experience in delivering

    effective and safe business practices while on your property. Roofs

    are much too costly to be replaced prematurely due to damaged caused by

    inexperienced roof cleaners.

    At Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing there are only 2 specialists, father and son.

    We use a soft washing solution as specified by the manufacturers of roofing materials, to clean your roof.

    Our chemicals do all of the work to remove black streaks and discoloration

    from your roof and require no pressure.

    This method

    will not damage your roofing, and will have it clean and clear of

    algae, mold, mildew and bring your roof back to a like new appearance, on nearly every job!

    Pressure Washing has it's place here in Charlotte County Florida too!


    when we clean your roof, you can have us clean the remainder of your

    homes exterior, plus your pool area, decking, driveway and sidewalk.

    We clean many condo associations as well, here in Charlotte County, Florida!

    Call us for a free price quote 941-698-1959

    Or Email us at: SoftWashing@Gmail.Com


  14. Pacific Roof Cleaning provides certified, safe roof cleaning with guaranteed results. We clean tile, asphalt shingle, slate, metal and cedar shake.

    Santa Cruz county has a unique micro climate. Instead of summer warmth, many coastal areas are covered in a marine layer throughout much of the day. This consistent moisture level provides the perfect conditions for the Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa Magma, the 'algae' responsible for the dark roof stains visible on roofs throughout the county. This bacteria retains even more moisture, allowing moss and lichen to grow and flourish.

    The ideal time to have your roof cleaned is before moss begins to take hold. We offer the only service suggested by the roof manufacturers themselves such as ARMA and GAF. Results are immediate and long lasting.

    Consider some other reasons you should trust "Pacific Roof Cleaning":

    * The only certified roof cleaning contractor in California
    * We do not use pressure to clean roofs, as suggested by shingle manufacturers
    * We are a licensed and insured contractor with workers compensation on all employees
    * We are a certified NRCIA roof inspector and carry an A+ rating with the BBB
    * We have a proven track record of amazing results without damage to property including trees and plants
    * Our crews are uniformed, professional and conscientious
    * We have an extensive knowledge of the causes and proper solutions for dirty roofs
    * We are genuinely friendly and courteous

    For a roof that 'looks like new', contact us now for a free estimate.

  15. Here is a beautiful home that we cleaned the roof and house.  This home is located in The Woodlands Texas area near Spring Texas. The Woodlands is beautiful area with lots of trees and Woods.  We clean quite a few roofs in this area, because the black algae stains build up and and cause a roof to lose it's natural color under all the ugly black stains.  Fortunately, for the homeowner's in The Woodlands, we never use a pressure washer to clean a roof.  Pressure Washing a roof, even if it's using low pressure ratings, can and will damage the shingles.  Call or Text us at 2818838470 for more information on our cleaning method that will return your roof back to it's natural color the sane day we clean it.  No waiting for rain, no pressure washing your roof.  It doesn't get any safer than that.



  16. Walker is a great suburb of Grand Rapids, MI. With the great school systems, bike trails, churches and millennium park, it is a great place to raise a family. Like many of the homes around Grand Rapids, the homes in Walker are also prone to having dirt and mold on the exterior. Kleen Roofs & Exteriors safely cleans vinyl, aluminum, wood, and cedar siding using our non-pressure, soft wash system. Leaving the exterior of your home once again looking great ! Vinyl siding is a durable, low-maintenance material that is both attractive and cost-efficient, which makes it a popular choice for the exteriors of homes. Despite it high durability, the siding on your home is exposed to the harsh effects of the elements, but periodic cleaning will help keep it looking great. To keep the exterior looking great for years to come, the siding should be cleaned at least once a year.

    This is a home in Walker that we safely washed the siding on with our non-pressure system. It had years of grime and dirt on it, and heavy mold growth on the area's that did not see much sun.

    blogentry-6-0-39578700-1365363040_thumb. blogentry-6-0-62102200-1365363118_thumb.

    blogentry-6-0-93034600-1365363227_thumb. blogentry-6-0-25492700-1365363284_thumb.

    blogentry-6-0-95673500-1365363337_thumb. blogentry-6-0-89909300-1365363446_thumb.


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  17. blogentry-1-0-09181900-1366330236_thumb.

    Chuck Bergman And Son Pressure Cleaning

    10493 Greenway Ave

    Englewood, Florida



    I started out as just a pressure cleaning service here in Englewood Florida in 1989, and although we don't use any pressure to clean tile or shingle roofing, we do professionally pressure clean houses, pool areas, decking and concrete surfaces here in Englewood daily.


    For concrete, we have a special machine called a

    "Flat Surface Cleaner" or Cement Surface Cleaner"

    You will see me using this pressure cleaning machine on driveways and sidewalks here in Englewood Florida on my home page slideshow, and on my Flickr photos link, below.


    Pressure Cleaning Of House Exteriors

    With proper maintenance, your home can grow in value while being a source of pride for you and your family. Chuck Bergman Pressure Cleaning services Englewood Florida, and provides cleaning services to homeowners who wish to restore and protect their greatest investment -- their home.

    Keeping the exterior of your Englewood FL home clean can do more than just make your house more appealing. It can also increase its value and extend the life of the products used to cover the outside of your home, which can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Our Cleaning services are very affordable, especially when you consider the benefits of pressure cleaning your home in terms of future savings for home maintenance.

    You can certainly attempt to power wash your home yourself, but If you do not have the proper equipment, know which pressure cleaning products are right for the job, or know how to safely operate a power washer without causing damage to your home, it may be in your best interest to hire a licensed and insured Englewood Florida cleaning contractor like us instead.

    Pressure Cleaning Vinyl or Aluminum Siding

    Vinyl siding cleans up with very little pressure needed. However, certain steps should be taken to ensure the work lasts for extended periods of time. One of the misconceptions about pressure cleaning houses in Englewood covered with vinyl siding, is that a simple garden hose is all that's required. This is not true, and if your main reason for cleaning the house is to remove mildew, then you will soon find out that simply Pressure Cleaning The House was only a temporary fix, as the mildew will usually return within under a year, especially in our warm, damp climate, here in Englewood Florida.

    To keep the vinyl siding looking new for longer periods of time, a wax mix can be added to the pressure cleaning process, which will help the vinyl resist the growth of Florida mildew, as well as reduce the amount of dirt that sticks to the siding. Adding the wax as a 3rd step in the pressure cleaning process will save you money in the long run.

    It will also protect the vinyl siding from the outdoor Florida elements we have here in Englewood. No different than applying wax to your car to protect the finish. You wouldn't want to skip that step for too long or the finish will start to look discolored and everything that touches it sticks, that is the same thing that happens to your home.

    Not just any wax mixture is beneficial. With our 23 years experience here in Englewood Florida in the pressure cleaning business, we have obtained the best formula, for each individual home's exterior!

    If you think you will want wax applied, ask us for a price when you call, so we can bring the wax & applicator jet.

    Most wax applications cost about $40.00 extra.

    Pressure Cleaning for Concrete Driveways, Walkways and Sidewalks

    Cleaning concrete is one of the tasks that can change your "Curb Appeal" quite literally! Concrete is very porous which allows dirt and other debris to bed deep into the concrete, resulting in a situation where high powered commercial pressure washing machines, as well as professional concrete cleaning machines, are the only sure means of removal.

    Pool Decks & Pressure Cleaning Screened Enclosures

    Pool areas can definitely be safely and effectively cleaned. Not only can the nasty cobwebs and bug debris be cleaned from the nylon mesh, but also the green & black mildew / fungus and algae can be removed from the metal framework as well.

    Our father and son "ONLY" business, licensed and insured to clean in Englewood Florida, accomplish this cleaning task with low to medium pressure by using special "long reach" wands, when needed, along with pressure adjusting valves and tips. Carefully "water sweeping" the mesh clean of debris after using a mild chemical solution to dissolve the organic mold and algae staining right off the metal frame's surface. It's as safe and easy as that!

    So, if you are looking for Professional Pressure Cleaning In Englewood Florida call us at 941-474-8883

    Chuck Bergman

    10493 Greenway Ave

    Englewood, Florida


  18. Slate roofs can easily be considered one of the most visually pleasing and durable materials used in the roofing industry. A slate roof can have a life well over 100 years if properly maintained.

    A large part of maintaining your slate roof’s natural beauty is keeping it free of algae, mosses and lichen growth. If this type of growth is left untreated, it can cause lifting of the slate tiles, which will lead to wood deterioration under the slate tiles.

    A slate roof can safely be cleaned using a soft wash cleaning method. Liberty SoftWash specializes in soft wash slate roof cleaning and can eliminate the unsightly stains caused by algae growth and return your slate roof to its original beauty.

    During the soft wash cleaning process, a cleaning solution is applied from a specially designed pump that utilizes a low-pressure delivery system. Our technicians will not walk on your slate roof but will apply the solution safely from a secure ladder system. We will not use any high pressure on your slate roof during our soft wash cleaning process.

    The results we are able to achieve with our soft wash roof cleaning are dramatic and can return even the dirtiest slate roof to its original color and beauty.

    Give the slate roof cleaning specialists at Liberty SoftWash a call to discuss your slate roof cleaning needs. (717) 578-5342


    Liberty SoftWash services the following cities and their surrounding areas:

    17401 17402 17403 17404 17405 17406 17601 17602 17603 17604 17101 17102 17103 17104 17110 17111 17325 17055 21014 21204 20737 17361 17356 17313

    Slate roofs can easily be considered one of the most visually pleasing and durable materials used in the roofing industry. A slate roof can have a life well over 100 years if properly maintained.

    A large part of maintaining your slate roof’s natural beauty is keeping it free of algae, mosses and lichen growth. If this type of growth is left untreated, it can cause lifting of the slate tiles, which will lead to wood deterioration under the slate tiles.

    A slate roof can safely be cleaned using a soft wash cleaning method. Liberty SoftWash specializes in soft wash slate roof cleaning and can eliminate the unsightly stains caused by algae growth and return your slate roof to its original beauty.

    During the soft wash cleaning process, a cleaning solution is applied from a specially designed pump that utilizes a low-pressure delivery system. Our technicians will not walk on your slate roof but will apply the solution safely from a secure ladder system. We will not use any high pressure on your slate roof during our soft wash cleaning process.

    The results we are able to achieve with our soft wash roof cleaning are dramatic and can return even the dirtiest slate roof to its original color and beauty.

    Give the slate roof cleaning specialists at Liberty SoftWash a call to discuss your slate roof cleaning needs. (717) 578-5342


    Liberty SoftWash services the following cities and their surrounding areas:

    17401 17402 17403 17404 17405 17406 17601 17602 17603 17604 17101 17102 17103 17104 17110 17111 17325 17055 21014 21204 20737 17361 17356 17313