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  1. We were out cleaning roofs again today. We had a few to clean in Odessa FL, this is an awesome area of Tampa Bay.This is a rural area in Odessa FL that has wide open spaces with room to breath.

    This home had a white tile roof that has not been cleaned in years, and it was in need of our soft roof cleaning service. We applied our roof wash on the tile and brought this dirty roof back to life. Our customer was thrilled with the results and we washed down the home as well. They also had some tree limbs that were touching the roof and in our way for cleaning.

    We trimmed up the tree limbs and blew off all the debris from the roof so that we could do a thorough job with our roof mix.


    Anyone in the Odessa FL area in need of Roof Cleaning please call for your free no obligation estimate @ 727-919-1591

  2. We were in Beautiful Palm Harbor FL again today. We do more roof cleaning in Palm Harbor than all the other towns combined. This was a small home we did for a new customer who got our name thru a referral.

    When we pulled up to the home it was very apparent that this roof has been neglected for years. The homeowner was unsure if we would be able to get it clean but told us to do our best. We told her that she would be very pleased when we were done.

    Here are a few before and after pictures of the roof cleaning, and as you can see there was a dramatic difference. We try to educate people and get them on a service so that the roof will not only look New again, but give longer life to the roof as well.


    If anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area is in need of Roof Washing please give us a call for your free no obligation estimate @ 727-919-1591

  3. Here is a roof cleaning we did for a repeat customer who is 91 yrs young. She lives in a very nice older neighborhood from the 80's. This woman maintains her home with pride inside and out, and it shows. At age 91 she is still sharp as a tack and always wants to be in the picture when were done cleaning.

    We cleaned her tile roof which was dirty as u can see from the pictures. But now everything looks as it should, as she is very proud of her home and it shows.


    Anyone in the Trinity, New Port Richey area needing roof cleaning, call for your free no obligation estimate @ 727-919-1591

  4. blog-0673542001382570067.jpgWe had two jobs in Odessa FL today. We were in The Eagles and as usual a real nice Golf Community. This roof had a lot of debris including a tree growing out of the roof. We had to remove all of the debris before we were able to apply our roof mix to the tile.

    As you can see in the pictures this roof was returned back to it's original color, free of mold & mildew.


    Anyone in the Odessa Fl area needing roof washing please call 727-919-1591

    Serving all of 33556

  5. Out again today for more roof washing. Today we were in Oldsmar Florida. This was a repeat customer that we did 3 yrs ago. That is about how long we get on a roof cleaning down here in Florida. Some will last a little longer and some a little less depending on the amount of rain or shade a roof gets.

    This is a huge subdivision down in Oldsmar Fl called East Lake Woodlands. There are homes in here that range from small villas to huge single family homes. This home was close to 4000 sq ft in size and the roof was in need of our service as u can see in the pictures below.


    If anyone in the Oldsmar Fl area need a free no obligation estimate, please call 727-919-1591

  6. This was the second roof washing we did today. This was a dirty shingle roof in Heritage Springs which is located on the border of Trinity and New Port Richey FL. Very nice golf course community and they have a great clubhouse with awesome food. We will normally stop there for lunch when we are in this subdivision cleaning roofs.

    Here are a few pictures of the shingle roof, as you can see it was in need of a washing. We applied our chemical roof wash with No Pressure and got great results as always. Before we even pulled away from this home we booked 2 more roof cleanings on the same street.


    Anyone in the Trinity, New Port Richey FL area need a No Obligation Free estimate call 727-919-1591

  7. This is a home in East Lake Woodlands Palm Harbor FL. We did a roof washing, house washing, and all concrete was cleaned as well. This is a huge community in the heart of Pinellas County FL. The entire community is surrounded by an Awesome golf course and beautiful landscaped grounds.


    Anyone in need of roof washing in the Palm Harbor area call for your free estimate 727-919-1591






  8. 33981,33947,33946,33953,33987,33993,33948,34224,34223,33952,33954,34293,34287

    We do roof cleaning and pressure washing in all these zips. Call 941-698-1959

    Visit: http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/


    I have been licensed and insured in Charlotte and Sarasota County since 1989. We have been a father and son business since 1994. So, you will never get a "new guy in training" Many bigger companies have work crews. While the owner may have 10 years experience, the employees you get may have a month.

    Here are 3 short videos of us cleaning roofs this year. NO PRESSURE BLASTING! Just the safe, gentle, Roofing Manufacturers specified Cleaning Method and cleaning agents.


  9. Chuck Bergman Pressure Washing Englewood Rotonda Port Charlotte Venice all of Charlotte and Southern Sarasota County. 941-698-1959 or 474-8883




    I am a "CERTIFIED" Roof Cleaner and Instructor at the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America.


    See some of our Before / During / & / After work here-


    BBB News Report Video, shows ratings can be bought at BBB, so you can't really trust a good rating there, if the business is "Accredited" = Paid Member .



    This is my rating: http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/pressure-washing-companies/chuck-bergman-in-port-charlotte-fl-90024694

    I started out here as just a pressure washing company in 1989. My son joined me in my business in 1994 and has worked steadily with me ever since.

    We no longer blast roofing clean with a pressure washing machine, as it's not necessary and causes too much damage to roofing materials.

    We now use the method and cleaning agents suggested by the roofing manufacturers themselves.

    Read their words below or go to their links and read the same thing.

    The links below all say to clean roofs with the method I use!

    They all also say specifically "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH"

    {GAF Roofing Manufacturer}


    {ARMA Roofing Manufacturer Association Cleaning Bulletin}


    {CORNING Roofing Manufacturer} Click number 1 "algae growth"


    The ARMA also says not to allow anyone to apply any roof coatings. This is a common sales gimmick. Usually pressure washing companies-not roof cleaning companies-will pressure wash your roof and then sell you an after coating, which they want to reapply every 2 years.Names like Roof-A----. or Roof Restoring - Not wanting to name any specific one. Read the ARMA warning below. http://www.asphaltroofing.org/sites/default/files/tech-bulletin/tb_227.pdf

  10. Laurie
    Latest Entry

    Do not mix butyl based products with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or other

    oxidizers. Bleach is an oxidizer and butyl is a solvent. Mixing solvents with

    oxidizers has to potential to generate heat and possible polymerization.

    2-Butoxyethanol (Butyl Cellusolve), Butyl Acetate (Ethylene glycol, Glycol ether

    EB), d-limonene (citric acid) are the most common. All are solvents and most are

    flammable, combustible and toxic. Solvents are chemicals that break down other

    chemicals which make them good for degreasers, paint thinners, inks, etc.

    Sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sodium percarbonate, etc are oxidizers.

    Oxidizers change compounds from one thing to another, not dissolve it all

    together. Bleach doesn't dissolve mildew, it rearranges its molecules essentially

    killing it.


    So when you mix butyl and bleach and apply it to a substrate, you then have one

    chemical (butyl) trying to dissolve the dirt and everything else it comes into

    contact with including the other chemical while the bleach is trying to do the

    opposite, you set up the possibility for a chemical reaction. It's not likely anything

    will happen other than maybe generate some heat and eventually may gel making

    it unusable, except with acetate which could combust.

    Mixing sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite is OK because they are both

    oxidizers and both alkaline which means they are both trying to achieve the same


    For more Info visit www.allaspectsltd.com

  11. Out Cleaning Roof's today in Beautiful Tarpon Springs FL. We did a Tile Roof Cleaning in Crescent Oaks, this is a beautiful golf community located between Trinity & Palm Harbor FL. Tarpon Springs is a Great town, I keep my boat docked there as well, and I try to get down to the Sponge Docks as much as possible to eat at my favorite restaurant Hellas.

    We had a few roof on the schedule for today so we started early so we don't get sun stroke...lol It has been extremely hot, and up on the roof you can add another 20 degrees hotter to the mix.

    As you can see from the pictures this pink tile roof was in need of our cleaning service. We applied our roof cleaning process and brought back the natural color to the tile. Removing all the mold & mildew from the roof not only makes it look new again, but also makes the roof last longer.


    A clean Roof is a Happy Roof, so anyone in the Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas in need of our services please call for your free no obligation estimate. 727-919-1591

  12. We were out again in Palm Harbor FL doing a few Roof Cleaning jobs. Got a call from a customer who said we did her neighbor's home and wanted us to come out and clean her Roof as well.

    Hawks Landing is a subdivision that is part of Ridgemoor, It is an upscale subdivision with very high end homes, most of the roofs are tile. Our customer was not familiar with the roof cleaning service because she has just moved down from up north and never had this done before.

    We gave her a quick education on Mold & Mildew here in FL, we told her it was the State Flower...lol. After a short run down on how we would proceed with the Roof cleaning she was satisfied with our process and we continued with the job.

    As you can see from the pictures, it has been sometime since her roof was cleaned last. We chemically treated her roof with our mix and covered all plants & shrubs in the drip zone. We also water before during and after the cleaning process.


    Anyone in the Palm Harbor area in need of Roof Cleaning please call for a Free no obligation estimate @ 727-919-1591

  13. We were out today Roof Washing in Lansbrook subdivision in Palm Harbor Florida. This is another beautiful Golf Course community with Great Curb Appeal. Today's roof cleaning was a large 4200 sq ft Barrel Tile Roof that was very dirty and needed to be cleaned before the painters come next week.


    This was one of our repeat customers that we have done over the years. As you can see they have an extensive amount of landscaping around there home. When there are no gutters on the home we cover all shrubs & plants that are in the drip zone. We water everything down before during and after the Roof Cleaning process.


    Taking the time to properly prep the home for Roof Cleaning will ensure that no plants or vegetation will be harmed in the process.This is a huge community with many subdivisions within Lansbrook Palm Harbor.

    So anyone in need of Roof Cleaning please call for your Free no obligation estimate @ 727-919-1591

  14. Here is a Roof we washed last week. As you can see the mold & mildew was reeking havoc on the surface of this roof. What customers really don't realize is the damage being done by this living organism.

    Mold & Mildew when not eradicated from the tile roof will continue to eat and weaken the surface. We clean these Tile & Shingle Roofs with a Softwash, No Pressure is applied to the surface.

    This subdivision in Oldsmar FL is a beautiful gated community that takes pride in their home's appearances. We have been working in this community for years and we take as much pride in our service as the homeowners do in their homes. Most of our clients come from repeat customers and neighborhood refferals.

    Take a look at the dramatic difference a No Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning can make, not only will it preserve the life of your Roof, but it will give your home the curb appeal it deserves.


    If anyone in the Odessa FL area is in need of Roof Cleaning please contact us for your free no obligation estimate @ 727-919-1591

  15. Metal Roof Cleaning Cadillac, MI

    Kleen Roof & Exterior of Cadillac was contacted to perform a metal roof cleaning of this home on lake Mitchell in Cadillac. We use our non-pressure, soft wash system to clean not only metal roofs, but all roof types, and siding. The owners of this home were given incorrect information on how to clean their roof. They were told that it would need to be pressure washed. But, they knew that a pressure washer is not the best method for exterior cleaning. They found our website, and gave us a call. We took the time to explain to them what it is what we do, and how our soft wash system works. They were so happy when we were done cleaning their roof. They said it has never looked so good since it was installed.

    We also soft wash asphalt shingles, siding, and decks.

    If you have a need for a professional soft wash cleaning on your home, give us a call today. 616-914-9064

    or visit our website to find out more about out services.

  16. blog-0910649001375192800.jpg

    Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc. is location in the Des Moines, Iowa area. We also service the greater Midwest i.e. IA, NE, MI, ID, OH, IL, MN, MO, WI, KS. We have a network of cedar cleaners throughout the Midwest that have been personally trained in the cedar roof cleaning process. Each network member meets the high standards of service and professionalism. Sullivan Roof Cleaning themselves clean about 100 to 150 cedar shakes roofs a season. There is a difference between someone that cleans cedar and cedar cleaners. We are cedar cleaners. Our service focuses solely on roof cleaning, though we have cleaned the house or a deck at the roof cleaning customers request but only if they are a roof cleaning customer. Over the years we have focused on roof cleaning and cedar roof cleaning being our specialty. We have developed our own cleaning solution, our own cleaning process, etc. for more details of our service go to www.cedarroofclean.com watch the videos, visit the photos and the customer reviews. As a cedar roof cleaning contractor and service provider we have seen way to many cedar shakes home owners replace their cedar roof prematurely. Just because it looks bad doesn't mean it is bad! Most home owners were never told that cedar shakes have to be maintained. It is akin to having your teeth cleaned. Your teeth are organic and need to be maintained to reach their full life span. Cedar shakes are organic also and need to be maintained in order to reach their full life span. It makes common sense when you think about it. With todays cedar roofs, the underlining or what we call roof felt is the water barrier and the shakes protect the felt. As long as you keep the shakes healthy the felt will stay healthy. It is the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi e.g. white & brown rot fungi that cause the deterioration. Cedar on it's own will not decay. It is through these infestations, combined with moisture that causes the cedar shakes to deteriorate. Remove these infestations and you stop further deterioration. A good and proper cedar roof cleaning should last about 6 to 8 years subjectively. The good part is in most cases for less than 5% of the replacement cost you can have your cedar roof cleaned. Before you consider having your cedar roof replaced consider first the option of having it cleaned. Though we or our network members will not clean a cedar roof that is in need of major repair or replacement! Unlike a roofer who wants to replace your cedar roof, we want your cedar roof to last many more years, that's our service and besides we want to come back in 6 to 8 years and clean it again. So yes we have an ulterior motive to want to clean your cedar roof. So contact us today about having your cedar roof cleaned and extending it's life span.


    Source: Cedar Roof Cleaning Serving The Greater Midwest
  17. The rain has been constant, and so are the calls for Roof Cleaning. With all this rain we have been trying to catch up on roof washing and it had been challenging. We were in Crescent Oaks Subdivision again today for a few Roof Cleaning jobs.

    We have been cleaning in this area since 1993 and this subdivision has Great curb appeal throughout the entire community. The golf course is kept real nice and all the landscaping as well. We completed two tile roofs here today and soon as we were done the skies opened up again giving the roofs a great rinse.

    Crescent Oaks is on the border of Pinellas & Pasco counties, and one of the many beautiful communities we service in these areas.If you are looking to have your Roof Cleaned please call us for a free no obligation estimate 727-919-1591


  18. Cedar Shake siding cleaning Grand Rapids

    The owner of this home in Grand Rapids in the East Town area called Kleen Roof & Exterior to have a soft wash cleaning done on the cedar shake siding. This area of Grand Rapids is seeing a revival and these old houses are starting to be fixed up. The owner did not want to have a pressure washer used to clean this old cedar. We were able to clean it of all the moss, black mold, and years of dirt with our non-pressure soft wash.

    If you have cedar shake siding or roofing, and you would like it to look like new, give us a call at:616-914-9064

    Or visit our website to find out more about what we do.

  19. Here is a roof we cleaned in Trinity FL. The homeowners of this home watched us clean their neighbors roof and were very impressed by our service. Like anything in business, your work speaks for itself.

    They were concerned about their landscaping around their home, but noticed that we cover most plants and come with 600 gal of our own water to rinse before during and after roof application. Trinity Fl is a fairly new town adjacent to New Port Richey, we were in the Heritage Springs subdivision of Trinity Fl.


    This is another beautiful golf community where most homeowners move around by Golf Cart. Trinity is in the middle of it all, SR 54 to the north Suncoast Hwy to the east Tampa airport just 25 min to the south.

    After we completed the roof cleaning we cleaned the driveway & sidewalks as well, the house was returned to it's original clean appearance. Keeping your tile or shingle roof clean not only will save you from having to prematurely replace your roof, but it dramatically improves the curb appeal of your home.

    If anyone in the 34655,34654 zip codes Trinity / New Port Richey Fl area needs their roof cleaned, please call us for your free no obligation estimate 727-919-1591

  20. We were in beautiful Palm Harbor FL today. We were called out by a new customer to do their roof cleaning. We were in the Crescent Oaks subdivision which is on the border of Tarpon Springs & Palm Harbor. This is a Great golf community very well kept gated subdivision.

    The tile roof was black with Mold & Mildew hiding the original red color tile. We arrived early because we had multiple roof cleanings to do in the area. As you can see in the pictures this roof was in need of our cleaning services. We applied our roof cleaning solution to the surface with No Pressure, ensuring a safe cleaning with no damage to the roof structure.


    Crescent Oaks is a great subdivision because of all the different types of homes. There are huge single family homes all the way down to small villas and everything in between. Most roofs in this area are tile roofs, there are shingle roof homes as well but not as many. No matter what type of roof your home has we can clean it safely and for a reasonable price.

    Anyone in the Palm Harbor/ Tarpon Springs area in need of roof cleaning please call for your free no obligation estimate 727-919-1591

  21. We were called by one of our property Managers to do some roof cleaning at their condo complex in beautiful Clearwater FL. This complex is right on the canals that lead out to the Gulf Of Mexico. We do their roof cleaning every few years or so, this complex has close to 300 condos.

    We went to Clearwater this morning to clean just 12 of these roofs, these are the last 12 old roofs. All 300 will be done again on the next cleaning. As you can see by the pictures they are real small roofs and real close properties making it easy to clean many at once. They have a very nice marina that is walking distance for the homeowners, how nice is that.


    This is real Florida living, although these units are close to 40 yr old, it is kept up very well. They have a great maintenance schedule which keeps this community clean and looking Great !!

  22. Here is a beautiful home in Clearwater FL. We did a roof cleaning on this home with a soft wash process. The homeowner is from NYC and this is a second home for her. When she called me she had no idea that the roof could be cleaned, this is something she never heard of up in NY.

    She called me because we did the roof cleaning for her neighbor across the street. He told her that her roof needed to be cleaned and that it will look like a whole different color. So she hired us to soft wash her roof, and when we were done she could not believe the difference. Once we got done she had us back to do her patio which was equally as bad.

    Like they say pictures don't lie and as you can see how dramatic the difference is. Cleaning your roof will not only extend the life of your roof it will make your house have that like new look again.


    Anyone in the Clearwater FL area in need of roof cleaning please call us for a free no obligation estimate 727-919-1591