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  1. The many benefits of Roof Cleaning start with protecting your investment. A roof left untouched, but growing algae, lichen, and moss is drastically eating away at your investment in your roof, leading to premature wear, degranulization, and eventually a leaking roof. Many homeowner insurance companies are threatening to cancel policies due these types of damage.

    An infested roof, even if only appearing as black streaking on the surface, can raise your heating/cooling bills substantially. These streaks, as well as other forms of algae or moss hold moisture and retain heat. This causes heat build up in your attic spaces causing your climate systems to run more often.

    Maintaining your roof saves you from replacement, saving thousands of dollars and protecting the environment by keeping materials out of local landfills. On average a certified roof cleaner can clean your roof for about 10% the cost of replacing your roof. Many roofs that are maintained properly far out live there expected life span given by the manufacturer.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit in a homeowner's eyes is curb appeal. An ugly,infested roof is an eyesore. Let's face it, nobody wants to own the ugly house in the neighborhood. Now imagine trying to sell that house. If potential buyers don't like the outside of the house, they're not even going to look at the inside. In the buyer's eyes, if the exterior isn't maintained the entire interior is put into question. A home maintained with good curb appeal will sell much faster with fewer issues in the sales process then a home with bad curb appeal.

    Do yourself and your neighborhood a favor and call Sussex County Roof Cleaning to maintain the exterior of your home. We offer many services to maintain your home including roof cleaning, house washing, deck washing, gutter cleaning, gutter whitening, and skylight cleaning. We service the following towns:

    • Andover 
    • Branchville
    • Byram 
    • Sparta 
    • Franklin
    • Stockholm 
    • Hewitt 
    • West Milford 
    • Warwick
    • Vernon 
    • Sussex 
    • Wantage 
    • Quarryville 
    • High Point 
    • Frankford
    • Stillwater
    • Blairstown
    • Newton
    • Montague
    • Sandyston 
    • Layton 
    • Dingmans Ferry 





    Call 973-948-2700 to give your home back the curb appeal it once had.




  2. Once again Sussex County Roof Cleaning has saved another roof for a Sparta homeowner. Using our state of the art non-pressure cleaning equipment we were able safely and effectively remove the algae,moss,and black streaks. Restoring this ten year old roof to looking like the day it was installed.

    Using a certified roof cleaning company to maintain your exteriors cleanliness is a wise choice. The team at Sussex County Roof Cleaning has been fully trained and certified by the RCIA and use only Non-Pressure equipment to clean roofs and siding.

    For a free written estimate please call Sussex County Roof Cleaning at 973-948-2700 or check out our website at http://www.newtonpainter.com/



  3. Picture Do you wonder who made those black oily streaks and dark stains on your roof? It could be space aliens or maybe from racoons skidding their bottoms across the roof, tar baby tracks, jet fuel (From alien craft), tree sap, acid rain or really black dirt. Believe it or not, it is caused by Gloeocapsa Magma an algae. As this space mutant algae eats and multiplies, the colonies become larger and more dense. The dense area of the algae colonies are evident by the ugly black poop streaks which algae excrete as a protective sheathing that stain the roof. Along with the stain Gloeocapsa Magma eat the limestone filler in the shingle, they turn nitrogen into ammonia which acts as a fertilizer source for moss, algae and lichens causing them to grow and flourish.

    This air born algae is more prevalent as you travel west of the Cascade mountains. Besides the damage they do by eating the calcium carbonate, limestone layer, they also promote the colonization and growth of other destructive organisms. The effects of the algae are not only unsightly but very costly if not treated. If your roof is infected by algae, space aliens, or other mutant organisms such as Northwest mega mutant moss or lichen, have the best certified roof cleaner (non-pressure spray system) inspect it as soon as possible.
    Bio Soft Wash 503 383-1285

  4. Yet another roof saved in Blairstown,NJ by Sussex County Roof Cleaning. Using our No-Pressure system we were able to safely remove all forms of algae,mold,moss,lichen, and the black streaks from the asphalt singles on the home. Not only does it dramatically increase the curb appeal, but it saves you money versus costly unnecessary replacement. Using the same system we also clean your siding with No-Pressure.

    Call Sussex County Roof Cleaning at 973-948-2700 improve your homes appeal today




  5. Roof Washing & Paver Sealing @ a good friends home today. We were out in Land O Lakes out on the Loop. This is a group of nice homes on Bell Lake. It is a nice little ski lake and my friends have lived there at least 15 yrs now.

    We got there early so that I could help my friend get his Honey Do list did...lol..so we gave the home a roof wash cleaned up the aluminum carport area and Sealed the Pavers.

    Anyone in the Land O Lakes area in need of roof cleaning, call us @ 727-919-1591

  6. Out in our stomping grounds of Ridgemoor Palm Harbor FL today. We were in the Wescott Square subdivision where we do most of the tile roofs cleaning of these connected Villas. This is a small neighborhood made up of about 50 Villas and most of the roofs have been replaced over the years.

    We cleaned half this roof, then went next door to up sell the other half. Sometimes the homeowner has to see for themselves how really clean their roof is. So as you can see there wasn't any problems selling them a roof cleaning as well.

    Anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area in need of roof washing please call us @ 727-919-1591

  7. Out washing roofs today in New Port Richey FL. This was a small shingle roof in need of our services, we cleaned out all the gutters around the house first.

    Anyone in the New Port Richey area in need of roof cleaning please call 727-919-1591

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    This is a couple pics of a roof we cleaned the other day. West ga is full of dirty roofs and it seems everyone thinks the only fix is to replace them or just live with it. You dont have to I will be happy to give you a free estimate to clean your roof, house, drive way or anything else you need. Just call me at 404-456-9494 View my work at www.villaricapressurewashing.com or check me out on face book at Dougs pine straw and pressure washing. Thanks.blogentry-2753-0-87981000-1429495838_thublogentry-2753-0-03205600-1429495866_thublogentry-2753-0-96709700-1429495959_thublogentry-2753-0-61848600-1429495987_thu

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    Don't replace your roof "Clean It!" The black ugly roof stains is an algae. I have been cleaning homes in the Cary & Raleigh area with black ugly roofs. It is destroying your roof. Insurance companies are starting to deny coverage if your roof has this algae, lichen or moss on your roof. They are making home owners clean their roofs for for good reason

    NEVER allow someone to get on your roof and pressure wash the shingles. A low pressure chemical should be applied to kill the algae and clean the roof. If rinsing is desired a pressure similar to your garden hose pressure should only be used. Or mother nature is the best. We call this Soft Washing a roof. We can make your Asphalt shingles look new again. Can't do anything about the already missing granules but we can help prevent you from losing more.

    Contact Elephant Roof Cleaning @ 919-207-0666

  8. We were out again doing some roof cleaning , this was one of the smaller but dirtiest ones we did today. This was a 1200 sq ft tile roof that was covered in mold and was a white painted surface under all that mildew.

    This is a rental property in an older section of Palm Harbor FL. We have done quite a few of this customers properties and he was hoping to get the roof looking better than it was, he was not expecting miracles.

    So we did a softwash on this tile roof and got it looking pretty good considering the original condition. He was thrilled with the job, we also did a paint prep for him so he can get it all painted up for new tenants.

    Anyone in the Palm Harbor area in need of roof cleaning, please cal 727-919-1591

  9. Out washing roofs today in New Port Richey FL. We were in a beautiful gated subdivision called Waters Edge which is mostly high end homes and it is on Moon Lake.

    This was a referral once again from a neighbor across the street. We do a lot of work in this subdivision and most of the homes are large 2 story homes. This homeowner received a letter from the HOA to get his Tile Roof cleaned. When we showed up he started to tell me that he didn't think the roof really needed to be cleaned.

    But he said that he didn't want to be harassed by the HOA, so go ahead and clean it. I told him it was plenty dirty and that he will realize it when were done. We also gave him a house wash, because the soffits and trim were all covered in mold & Mildew as well.

    So as you can see from the pictures the dramatic difference it made when we applied our softwash mix to the roof. It brought all the original color back to the Tile, and also will enhance the life of the roof as well.

    anyone in the New Port Richey area in need of roof cleaning, please call 727-919-1591

  10. In New Port Richey FL today washing shingle roofs. We had a few shingle roofs to clean in River Crossing where my good friends parents live since 1985. They are good friends from NY and they keep their home immaculate.

    We were doing their neighbor's roof today, which was a 2200 sq ft shingle roof. This is a older subdivision, but a well kept one. As u can see the roof was in need of cleaning, so we applied our softwash solution to the shingles to bring out the natural color of the roof.

    Anyone in the New Port Richey FL area in need of roof washing, please call 727-919-1591

  11. Out washing roofs again today. This was a small 1500 sq ft shingle roof we softwashed for a customer we got as a referral. We love doing these small roofs because it gives us time to do multiple roof jobs in one day.

    As u can see, we brought out the true color of this roof by removing the mold & mildew. This will give the roof a longer life and bring back the curb appeal to the home.

    Anyone in the New Port Richey area in need of roof cleaning, please call 727-919-1591

  12. blog-0264529001427631802.jpgAdding Curb Appeal Can Sell Your Home Faster

    In a slow real estate market, a person can generally sell their home quicker by dropping their asking price. In a market where supply is greater than demand, a desperate seller may see a lower price as their only option to shorten their home’s time on the market.

    There are however, other things that a seller can do that will help boost their home’s appeal to potential buyers. Some things can be done without costing any money while others may cost a few bucks. In the long run, a few well-spent dollars can end up saving you thousands when you are not forced to drop your asking price in order to make a sale.

    Some things you can do that can potentially make your home more sellable aren’t done in or around your home. Your realtor can help add some ways to make your home more attractive to buyers. Sellers can often be enticed by things like money towards their closing costs or even entirely covering the closing costs as a way to sweeten the deal in a down market. Other things that can help motivate a buyer include a home warranty or an option to close the sale within 30-60 days. These types of incentives can make you home even more attractive.

    http://www.libertysoftwash.com/blog/adding-curb-appeal-can-sell-your-home-faster/ A seller may sometimes overlook or under prioritize the value of curb appeal

    The very first thing a potential buyer will see is what the home looks like from the outside. A home that doesn’t look appealing from the curb may be overlooked based on nothing other than it’s exterior appearance.

    Things like planting flowers, adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or adding a new mailbox are inexpensive ways improve your home’s appearance at first glance. Some would argue that curb appeal is everything and your first impression often sets your expectations on the rest of the home.

    Another way to increase your home’s curb appeal is by cleaning your home’s exterior. Dirty sidewalks, siding, patios or decks can be an instant turn off for potential buyers. The standard of cleanliness you maintain on your home’s exterior is often measured against your home’s interior cleanliness, when being viewed by potential buyers.

    A dirty roof may also set off a false alarm telling buyers a roof needs to be replaced and will cost thousands of dollars. Having your roof professionally cleaned will only cost a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Removing roof algae will dramatically improve curb appeal and eliminate the threat of losing a buyer because of an unsightly roof. Liberty SoftWash is an excellent choice when considering hiring a pressure washing contractor in Lancaster Pennsylvania and surrounding area

    Our exterior cleaning services are just what you need to add some curb appeal to your home. Cleaning your roof or pressure washing your siding is an affordable way to spruce up your home before you contact your real estate agent to list your home. Call today to discuss your roof cleaning or pressure washing needs. (717) 578-5342

  13. blog-0376765001427625070.jpgSpring is finally here in Central Pennsylvania despite the unseasonable cold temperatures we are still dealing with. According to the experts, it could be a particularly difficult season for allergy and asthma sufferers. Over 40 million Americans who are used to dealing with spring allergies know that the end of March means the start of runny noses, watery eyes and other uncomfortable allergy symptoms

    In recent years, we have seen milder winters, which meant the early arrival of both pollen and spring allergies. Because we have had a much longer and colder winter, allergy season may start later and end sooner but, could pack quite a punch to the allergy sufferers in Central Pennsylvania while it is here.

    Oftentimes, the only way for an allergy sufferer to get some relief this time of year is to stock up on allergy pills and nasal sprays in an effort to minimize the suffering. Asthma sufferers are worse off than the average seasonal allergic person. Because it is typically the early spring that is the worst for asthma, doctors recommend asthmatics begin using their prescribed medications well before spring and spring allergy season begins.

    For those seasonal allergy sufferers who are not given relief from over-the-counter drugs, it may be necessary to take different measures. Newly available medications including immunotherapy pills work in the same manner as allergy shots have in the past.

    But there are precautions that can be taken to help ease the impending suffering of a person with springtime allergies in addition to whatever type of medications you would use to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

    The savvy asthmatic or allergy sufferer will find it helpful to keep track of local pollen counts, which can be found online or by checking your local weather forecast. By keeping track of the pollen counts, it may make it easier to avoid outdoor activities. If it is still necessary to spend time outdoors, it may be most comfortable for allergy or asthmas to do so in the afternoon. Generally, the counts tend to highest between 5AM and 10AM and at their lowest right after a heavy rainfall. But also know that pollen can blow as much as 50 miles, making very difficult to escape!

    Another way to lessen the suffering from seasonal allergies is to try to keep pollen out of your home environment. Coats, jackets, shoes and hats should be taken off immediately upon entry to your home so help prevent contaminating other parts of your home with pollen that was carried into your “pollen free†living environment. Showering before bedtime to remove any residual pollen is also a necessary step to prevent transfer of pollen to your bedding.

    Cleaning your home’s exterior is yet another way to keep nasty pollutants such as pollen or algae from triggering allergic reactions. Regular cleaning of your home’s exterior including sidewalks, driveways, decks and other surfaces will help wash away the pollen, algae and other pollutants that cause springtime seasonal allergies.

    Liberty SoftWash, located in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKkhCFutRVA, is a great choice for all your exterior cleaning needs. Some of the services we provide include: pressure washing, soft wash roof cleaning, house washing, deck cleaning, gutter cleaning and more. Call the professionals at Liberty SoftWash for your exterior cleaning needs in Central Pennsylvania. (717) 578-5342

  14. blog-0190797001427541567.jpg

    Does your slate roof look darker than others?

    Is there moss and lichen growing on your slate roof?

    Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning has been servicing slate roofs throughout Sussex County NJ since 2007. Our experienced and trained staff uses a non-pressure/soft washing method combined with the proper use of detergents to leave your slate roof free and clear of black algae, lichen and moss.

    Never allow a contractor to walk on your slate roof using a pressure washer or a surface cleaning machine in an attempt too clean your roof. They will not only fail at eradicating the roof of the infestation but they will damage your beautiful slate roof.

    We have been actively involved in our industry to allow us to keep up on all new technology, training methods and safety. We are considered by our peers as the leading authority on slate roof cleaning not only in Sussex County but all surrounding counties in northwest New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.

    We provide free quotes and consultation to all our customers. Our work can be fitted to your schedule. For more information please feel free to contact us at 570-994-6918 or visit us at www.poconoroofclean.com

    Slate Roof Cleaning Allamuchy NJ 07820 Slate Roof Cleaning Andover, NJ 07821 Slate Roof Cleaning Augusta, NJ 07822 Slate Roof Cleaning Belvidere, NJ 07823 Slate Roof Cleaning Blairstown, NJ 07825 Slate Roof Cleaning Branchville, NJ 07826 Slate Roof Cleaning Branchville, NJ 07890 Slate Roof Cleaning Columbia, NJ 07832 Slate Roof Cleaning Delaware, NJ 07833 Slate Roof Cleaning Fredon NJ 07860 Slate Roof Cleaning Glasser, NJ 07837 Slate Roof Cleaning GREAT MEADOWS, NJ 07838 Slate Roof Cleaning Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Slate Roof Cleaning Hopatcong, NJ 07843 Slate Roof Cleaning Hope, NJ 07844 Slate Roof Cleaning Johnsonburg, NJ 07846 Slate Roof Cleaning Lafayette Township, NJ 07848 Slate Roof Cleaning Layton, NJ 07851 Slate Roof Cleaning Montague Township, NJ 07827 Slate Roof Cleaning Newton, NJ 07860 Slate Roof Cleaning Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 Slate Roof Cleaning Oxford Township, NJ 07863 Slate Roof Cleaning Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 Slate Roof Cleaning Port Murray, NJ 07865 Slate Roof Cleaning Sparta Township, NJ 07871 Slate Roof Cleaning Stanhope NJ 07874 Slate Roof Cleaning Stewartsville, NJ 08886 Slate Roof Cleaning Stockholm, NJ 07460 Slate Roof Cleaning Sussex, NJ 07461 Slate Roof Cleaning Vernon Township, NJ 07462 Slate Roof Cleaning Vienna, NJ 07880 Slate Roof Cleaning Washington, NJ 07882

  15. Out washing roofs again today in Tarpon Springs FL. This roof was in the beautiful gated community of Crescent Oaks which has a very nice Golf Course and Club House. This community is very large in size and the homes vary in size as well.

    Todays roof cleaning was a smaller 2200 sq ft tile roof. This is a repeat customer who calls us out at the slightest sign of roof mold, as u can see this roof was just starting to get dirty from mold & mildew, but not that bad.

    I wish all my customers would be just like him and not wait until the roof was completely covered in mildew. You can still see a pretty good difference in roof color, but not as dramatic as some of the ones we do everyday.

    Anyone in need of roof cleaning in the Tarpon Springs FL area please call us @ 727-919-1591

  16. blog-0803838001426543635.jpg

    Rehoboht Beach Delaware roof cleaning services brought to you by the professionals at Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning! When your looking for a company that knows low pressure roof cleaning, and the correct way to accomplish that, look no further!

    At this point, your roof is either covered in black streaks or it is starting to develop green moss growth! Your roof can be cleaned and restored to a "like new" condition for only a fraction of the cost! With our low pressure roof cleaning solutions, you can rest easy knowing that no damage will be done to your roof, or siding for that matter.

    For a same day quote, please give us a call or request more info by clicking this link and filling out our secure contact form!

    Rehoboth Roof Cleaning


  17. Out washing roofs again today. This was a repeat customer that we have been doing for many years. This was a 2 story 3500 sq ft home that we serviced today with our softwash No pressure roof treatment.

    This home was in the landsbrook subdivision in Palm Harbor FL. Very large neighborhood and located in the heart of Pinellas county. They have a very nice Golf Course in this community, and it is a great place to live if u are very active.

    We treated the roof with our chemical wash and removed all the mold & mildew from the surface. This not only brought out the natural color of the roof, but also extends the life of the roof as well.

    Anyone in the Palm Harbor FL area in need of roof cleaning please call for your free estimate @ 727-919-1591

  18. Out washing roofs today in New Port Richey FL. This is another roof wash in my neighborhood today. They are sending out letters and we are getting the calls to clean them.

    This is a 2800 sq ft shingle roof in Rosewood that got a softwash today, as u can see we brought out the natural color of the shingle's safely with No Pressure and removed all the mold & mildew that was eating away at the life of this roof.

    Anyone in the New Port Richey area in need of roof cleaning, please call for your free estimate @ 727-919-1591

  19. blog-0603920001426016677.jpgWhy would you worry about cleaning your roof?

    We've all seen it on trees and rocks those round plant things, green moss,and blackness, but what are they and why should you care if they’re on your roof? They don’t seem to hurt the rocks or trees so who cares if they grow on my roof.

    Well not only do they make your home look dreary and dirty but actually they are feeding off one of your biggest investments, your roof.

    A roof left with all these organisms actively growing is constantly deteriorating and will eventually cause a leak in the roof.

    Due to the potential for roof leaks many Homeowners Insurance Co. are now forcing their clients to have the roof cleaned or immediately replaced. Most clients have it cleaned.

    Lets face it the last thing anybody needs is another bill, but given the benefits of having your roof cleaned it just makes sense.

    Some of the benefits are;

    Instant curb appeal- don't be the neglected house in the neighborhood.

    Instant increased value- if your thinking of selling nobody is gonna buy your nasty roof.

    Your health- do you think breathing in that mold and bacteria is good for you?

    Save on heating/cooling bills- those organisms hold heat and moisture causing your heating/cooling bills to be higher.

    Common sense- spend a little now on cleaning and put off spending

    alot on premature replacement.

    The benefits go on and on.

    To take immediate advantage of the many benefits do what most people do and call

    Sussex County Roof Cleaning now.

    Sussex County Roof Cleaning

    No Pressure=No Damage



  20. Out again doing some Roof Washing in New Port Richey FL. This home is actually in my neighborhood, and they are getting letters from the HOA to get there houses spruced up.

    We do a lot of work for this particular HOA because everyone knows our company thru friends and neighbors. So we did a Soft Wash on their Roof we also did a Housewash & Concrete Cleaning as well.

    Anyone in the New Port Richey are in need of our services, please call 727-919-1591

  21. Out cleaning roofs today in Beautiful Crescent Oaks, located in Tarpon Springs FL. This roof was done for a repeat customer, his house sits right on the golf course. Tile roof on this home is 4500 sq ft, and in need of our services.

    We soft washed his roof 5 years ago, but since then he had replaced the old roof with this new tile roof that we cleaned today. We also did his oversized concrete driveway as well.

    Anyone in the Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor FL area in need of roof cleaning, please call for your free estimate @ 727-919-1591