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  1. Doug Riemer

    it was steep we had to get on it how i got that pic but it was to clean the sky lights we went up the valley and did them they where on a flat spot of the roof. the rest we did from ladders. I had a guy steady on the plants so far I havent had a issue with plants I go over board soaking them down. having a big crew if one finds hisself with nothing to do i put him on the bushes. 

  2. Doug Riemer

    Well as you can see by the magnet on the side of the truck ( which was lost again) I do a lot of pine straw and I was looking around the yard one day and decided to take that old back up pine straw trailer off the bench and put it to work. I was going to cut the sides down low but as we were working on it I decided to leave them for security so its a open trailer that has pad lock doors. If some one can climb over I guess they can take what they want. Still ready to upgrade to a 10 gpm machine we just did a 80,000 sq foot concrete job we got it done but dam it was slow