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  1. coastal1 added a post in a topic Survey on Gutter Cleaning Solutions   

    F-13 here too. If caught in a pinch, spray nine works good too however, you better be fast with rinsing. Otherwise, the paint is toast...
    If the substrate below the gutters is brick and no plants/bushes within the area, I simply spray the same roof mix with a quick, misting application and rinse with a hose...
  2. JerseyShoreGutterCleaning added a topic in General Discussion   

    PWP Pressure Washer Products ROCKS! Highly Recommended Review
    Hi, Everybody. Sorry for the long winded post. Tod from Jersey Shore Gutter Cleaning in New Jersey (of course). So this year we added roof cleaning, soft washing / power washing services to our existing gutter cleaning business. So we just put together our first rig. So I checked out & did research on all the top vendors / suppliers. I called and personally talked to a few of them on the phone. So I decided to buy everything from Lori at PWP Pressure Washer Products. After my first conversation talking to her i felt comfortable & confident with her knowledge and felt PWP was the best fit to be the supplier for my company.
    The experience i had dealing with Lori was truly amazing to say the least (and im pretty picky). From beginning to end she went over and above my expectations. Her communication & customer service were awesome. Many times she would be texting with me till 10 PM and even on Saturdays & Sundays making sure my order was correct and answering any & all of my questions or concerns about my design, set-up etc. PWP also had the best prices even though prices were not the most important issue for me. And even long after my order her support & service continued as she helped me with questions about putting everything together and even texting me design & set up pictures & diagrams.
    I want to also mention to take everything your read online with a grain of salt. You really have to find the right fit for you personally. And that might be different than someone else. For example with my own experience, after i searched around all the different forums there was a certain popular power washing vendor / supplier (i wont name) that everyone made out to be a god so i thought for sure i would be buying from that company (even my brothers business buys from him). But when i called and spoke to him personally i really wasn't impressed at all and actually i didn't really get along with him. And the opposite was true about Lori at PWP. I heard a couple of negative reviews but after talking to her personally i got along great with her and felt more than comfortable & confident. So she was the best fit for me & my company. She definitely delivered and i know i made the right choice. 
    Hope this helps someone when deciding which vendor to deal with. And again sorry for the long post. But i feel this is important.
    And If you read this Lori YOU ROCK! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
    Tod Foltyn
    Jersey Shore Gutter Cleaning
    Toms River, NJ 08754
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  3. Bergman Roof Cleaning added a topic in General Discussion   

    Bergman Roof Cleaning Switching To FatBoy pump
    Through the years, I worked my way up the 12 volt pump line.
    I tried the Fat Boy, but they kept burning up switches and that bother outweighed the extra 4-6' spray distance the FB gave me.
    Marcus Raif and Bruce Sullivan spent some time, getting it through my thick skull, how to use a solenoid instead of the flimsy switches that come on the pumps and I'm hoping not to have that problem now!
    Also, now that I'm older, I do myself and my customer a favor and clean 75% or more of the roofs without walking on them.
    Now, that extra footage matters!
    I just put one of my 2 FatBoy pumps in my trailer and I'm sold!
    I didn't step on the roof before last and only on 10% of the last, as a large pool cage got in my way.
    I know, air systems are even better! My son works for me and also has his own business uses air, so I hear about it often.
    I'm satisfied with my 12 volt simplicity.
    With my Fatboy I could have reached all of the roof in my video below. I used a 5850 on that roof though.
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  4. Bergman Roof Cleaning added a post in a topic What are naked links? Ted said we shuld discuss this   

    Well, I haven't been able to figure out how to change it, so if Google is happy with it being a naked link, then I will leave it one! HOORAY!
    Also, by "Fresh Content" do you mean new posts?
    If so, that's not hard to do, on "Good Days"
  5. Curb Appeal Pros LLC added a post in a topic NEW 1" PUMP AND IM NOT IMPRESSED! HELP   

    I strongly disagree the distance you get out of a price pump vs a husky vs an aro is so small its not funny. Ill post a video proving my point most of them shoot within 2 feet of one another. Tips are most likely your biggest issue as talked about before but there is NOTHING wrong with the pump you bought. Kevin I know you sell price pumps now but its not fair to bash every other pump just because you don't sell them and you only sell price. I understand wanting to make a sale but the husky is a fantastic pump so is ARO and price is a small company with a slightly different air setup it WILL NOT shoot 10 stories like you list on your website. If you talk to any distributor that sells both they will tell you buy husky over a price pump! Do your research talking to other people outside of vendors on this form that don't have a motive and get some unbiased answers. So to the guy that's having issues look at hose length and nozzle size but don't stress out man because you have a great pump and you just need to tweak a few things.
  6. Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777 added a post in a topic What are naked links? Ted said we shuld discuss this   

    In the OLD Days, we used to give anchor text names to links, for more juice.
    However, lately, Google resents any attempt to manipulate it, so a naked link is actually better, and FRESH CONTENT kicks all Ass, when it comes to SEO.
  7. h2o spray added a post in a topic Survey on Gutter Cleaning Solutions   

    F-13 all the way for us, pump-up sprayer and brush, makes cleaning gutter exteriors "Easy Peazy" We do not do gutter clean-outs (interiors) The one thing I do not like about using F-13 is on a hot day if we are not quick enough, paint will peel fast. I learned this the hard way, so now I use my ground guy to closely follow me on hot days making sure to rinse before drying.We have tried a few degreasers ( Dragon juice, EBC....) haven't found one that removes tiger stripping?
  8. Curb Appeal Pros LLC added a post in a topic We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    Kevin I've done my fair share of research and contracted about 4 distributors and they all say the 1050 husky is much better than the Price pumps (they sell both). All 4 of them agreed. I understand you sell these so to each his own but when I went to your website you list this " 1” Pump. Poly/Viton. $1595. This is the beast we recommend for customers who handle very large projects. With up to 50 GPM of flow and the ability to handle vertical head lifts of up to 250 ft. you can hit a 10 story building with a 20 CFM compressor. "  There is no way on this earth you are reaching 10 stories or 250 FT with this 1 in pump. Hell a fire truck can hardly hit these distances so I don't understand why you are listing stuff like this unless its just to make sales off guys that just don't know any better. If I am wrong can you make a video with you hitting 10 stories or 250 feet?
  9. eligoldman added a post in a topic How To Secure A Safety Rope Over A Tall Roofing Structure   

    This video is really helpful for the Roofing Contractors for the best cleaning and repair of the roof.Thanks for sharing this. .
  10. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic We Now Offer Price Pumps!   


    The 3/4" pump is off the menu for the time being. I noticed some discrepancies in the specs and contacted them. They discovered I was right and the specification are NOT conrrect. I had a meeting with the VP of Price last week and he apologizes. They completely missed the errors over the last decade and if you look at their website, the pump specs are currently not there as they re-test.  
    So...for anybody looking at a 3/4" Price, I can currently sell the 1" Price in Poly for the SAME COST. And yes, the specs on that pump ARE correct. This is a smoking deal. They also said you cannot stall their pumps. A 1" Pump with a 2.5 CFM air compressor will prove that this coming week. 
  11. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic NEW 1" PUMP AND IM NOT IMPRESSED! HELP   

    Try a shooter nozzle. That will give you a more laminar flow and will get you more distance. Honestly, you may get 50 ft out of an electric, but it won't be very effective at that distance. Thing is, your 1" pump isn't very efficient. So the amount of output it has is going to be limited by the CFM you purchased. That is endemic to that particular pump. If you had bought a Price Pump, you would be getting more distance, but the cost is higher.  That being said, as compared to 12V, the reliability is off the chart better. Plus...try putting a fine mist nozzle on there and can't do that with an electric. You can spray with an 010 or 020 nozzle, saving material and reducing run off. Once you run Air for a while, you'll never go back.
    As for the Eaton, I probably have 40 of them out in the field that I've recommended to guys and literally have had zero problems with the ones I run and have installed. I had one guy with a defective head and he had a new one from Eaton the next morning. You can always call Matt Cain, the president if you are having issues and my experience is that the few times there were issues, they had solutions nearly immediately. Try that with any other compressor company. 
    Also, I'm assuming you are running a water Separator system. 
  12. ronpickle added a post in a topic What are naked links? Ted said we shuld discuss this   

    Yes the plain url that you have depicted in your signature is indeed a naked link.
  13. ronpickle added a post in a topic aerial view, neighborhood   

    Beautiful! I am sure whenever you are in a bad mood or need some inspiration, this top view on Google Map would enthuse you in a minute
  14. ronpickle added a post in a topic WANNA SEE SOMETHING REALLY CRAZY?   

    These rates seems to be from 50 years back! if they deliver such rates with outstanding quality, they might drive every other roof cleaner out of business. There must be a catch some where.
  15. Ultimate Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing added a post in a topic Survey on Gutter Cleaning Solutions   

    We use standard house wash mix. Works great, any gutter that isn't oxidized looks like it had just been painted. Once in a while I'll need to use soft tip brush. No big deal. 

  16. Guest added a topic in Marketing Non Pressure Roof Cleaning   

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  17. Clean Exterior added a post in a topic NEW 1" PUMP AND IM NOT IMPRESSED! HELP   

    OK i got the 060 and it sure gives me more volume but I am only getting maybe 50 ft out of it. Its unfortunate that I can't get this to spray farther then my old 12v system. On another note I'm not super impressed with Eaton air compressors. They run fine but I had a few loose bolts on the frame when it was delivered and they told me I was able to install an electric starter as they wouldn't do it for me so I bought an electric starter kit and it turns out that eaton has the motor to close to the pump. In order to fit the actual starter on the honda motor I would need to slide the motor over on the frame about 4-5 inches and buy bigger belts for the drive which is doable but just not what I was told by the eaton tech. They also advertise 20 CFM and 19 CFM on their website so I asked the eaton tech what the true CFM was and he said 18 @ 90psi. Why the hell wouldn't they just advertise the one damn CFM. Anyway this whole air system conversion has been quite disappointing but now that its all over and done with I guess I won't need to worry about my 12v pump wearing out every few months and no more batteries to charge so.........
  18. coastal1 added a post in a topic Slate roof   

    Not going to happen here!!!
  19. Shingle Brite added a post in a topic Slate roof   

    Find me one professional roof cleaner that uses wet it and regret it. Just one. Good luck. 

  20. Guest added a topic in Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Supplies and Equipment   

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  21. ronpickle added a post in a topic Slate roof   

    I found the best resource here, hope this helps:
  22. ronpickle added a post in a topic Tampa Roof Cleaning Song   

    Enjoyed the song completely, I believe this should become an anthem of sorts for roof cleaners in Florida, it reflects the pride of the job!
  23. ronpickle added a post in a topic Survey on Gutter Cleaning Solutions   

    Well there are some very interesting home made solutions, please find them here,
  24. Randall1022 added a post in a topic SKY VAC GUTTER CLEANING SYSTEM   

    Do they really work for gutter cleaning 
    I have always wanted yo buy one. I just don't know how well they work. 
  25. Randall1022 added a post in a topic Survey on Gutter Cleaning Solutions   

    The best way to clean gutters is with a blower and garden hose. You blow the gutters out, and wash out the downspouts.