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  1. Apple Roof Cleaning (813) 655-8777 added a post in a topic QSE from Cleaner Today   

    Ted is an awesome guy, who loves this place. We get every type of scam artist coming through here, trying to sell our members some worthless shit   Ted saw something that made his suspicious, please don't take it personally  
  2. TLC Roof cleaning & house wash added a post in a topic QSE from Cleaner Today   

    I appreciate your response, yea I normally don't get to upset about stuff. Just trying to get it right, I'm building my own and good to know that the SH and soap is the way to go. Thanks 
  3. Bergman Roof Cleaning added a post in a topic THE CHUCK BERGMAN ROOF CLEANING WARNING!   

    WOW Chris! I hadn't thought of that!
    I'll never get every one off the internet!
    Thanks for pointing that out my friend!
  4. Bergman Roof Cleaning added a post in a topic QSE from Cleaner Today   

    TLC you did nothing wrong, of course!
    However, Ted with Roof Cleaning Virginia is truly as nice a giuy as you could know!
    I have been a member of RCIA since it's first year and in that time, I have seen what Ted thought you might be-A vendor looking for buyers. He was just waiting you out a bit, to see if you were for real or for sale.
    Honestly--get to know Ted just a little-talk to him on the phone and I guarantee you you will like him and he will do anything he can to help you! In answer to your question though, no, none of those gimmick "Homeowner Do It Youself" products are worth a nickel. I tried the first 3 as they came out on the back of my shingled roof and after 3 and 4 months, they had turned a bit yellowish and went back to black algae [ or bacteria technically ] by about 6 months-full black in a year.
    Nothing works but Chlorine mixes-which you can use the "SEARCH" feature here and find out what everyone thinks is best. Me? I use 30 -35% chlorine and 48 ounces of Gain dish liquid in a 100 gallon tank for shingled roofs and 50% chlorine on tile.
    Don't get upset with RCIA over a little, temporary glitch. RCIA is the real deal all the way!
    Here's a video of me cleaning a roof with my mixture-
  5. Bergman Roof Cleaning added a topic in General Discussion   

    OK, above, I post every 48 hours or so-per Craigslist rules. Jan 27th this guy shows up posting "Asphalt Roof Cleaning" and then changes to Mar PRESSURE/WASHING/ROOF/CLEANING! CHEAPEST/RATES! FREE/QUOTES!  Plus just plain "Roof cleaning" he posted under both titles today March 26th.
    He absolutely is determined to take over all posting on the page! I don't get a lot of work from Craigslist, so I don't care A LOT - LOL 
    When you go to the link above, check out how many posts he's made and then read the [ maybe 3rd? ] post down starting with "LESSON"
    Check out some of the other obvious anti-spam posts against him. This stuff is really bad! This is what happens when Roof Cleaners Go NUTS! LOL
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  6. Bergman Roof Cleaning added a post in a topic ARMA video on roof algae   

    Well, I have a different story. I have been in business since 1989 here in SW Florida. I learned to chemically clean roofs in the mid to late 90's. Up until then, I had about 6-8 years of pressure washing roofs. I KNOW that Gloeocapsa magma is a species of cyanobacteria and Cyanobacteria are an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria, which photolyze water generating oxygen gas. Ancient cyanobacteria were ancestral to the chloroplasts of all plants on earth and it most certainly does deteriorate shingled roofs! <P>Back then, if I had a roof with heavy streaks of GP, as I pressure washed the roof, unquestionably, more granules came off in the heavier infested streaks, than from the black areas in general.</P><P>ARMA is also wrong about the fact that cleaning the roof chemically, can only lighten it. Mine come out like new! Of course, ARMA is suggesting bleach, like Chlorox, which, when compared to fresh sodium hypochlorite from a Florida pool store is, 1st only 6-8% when manufactured and by the time it goes from factory to factory warehouse to distributor warehouse to a grocery store and then sits on the store shelf a month, it may be 2% ??</P><P> Pool SH is 10.5 to 13% if fresh. Stick your finger in Chlorox and then in fresh pool chlorine and you will feel all the difference in the world! ARMA and a few roofing manufacturers, have the right idea, but the wrong sodium hypochlorite! That's why they only see a lightening of the black roofs, instead of a like new clean!
    Of course, getting a like new, clean roof isn't the same for the ARMA - association for roofers--newly installed roof! $
    Do I look like even in these short videos I'm just "lightening" these roofs?
    We all know that after they dry, they will look even better! After a rain-basically like new!
    Do these roof photos look "Lightened to you? LOL

  7. coastal1 added a post in a topic ARMA video on roof algae   

    The black stains on a roof is an algae! Gloeocapsa Magma, and no, it alone won't damage the shingles. The granules are generally ceramic so, the algae won't damage them... The gloeocapsa magma helps create an environment for the lichen and Moss and that's what damages the roof. Telling customers that the black stains are damaging the roof is misleading! Informing them that the black algae will detract from their curb appeal and can create an environment for the lichen and Moss which will cause damage is the more proper way to explain what's going on.
    Yes, the black algae can cause a roof to run hotter especially in the summer which may shorten the life span of a roof however, that would only be a slight amount and even so, it's speculation.... I know of no testing which could definitely prove or disprove the notion.
  8. Shingle Brite added a post in a topic ARMA video on roof algae   

    The fact that algae does not damage the roof is actually a GREAT thing for roof cleaners. Think about it. Why waste money cleaning your roof when it's badly stained if the algae has already damaged it? I have cleaned some of the worst looking roofs imagineable and I have seen ZERO evidence of it being eaten or destroyed by the algae which is a good thing because once it's cleaned it's fine. Algae grows on gutters, siding, concrete and just about anything else that doesn't move. It doesn't eat those anymore than it eats shingles. IMO promoting roof cleaning to stop the damage from algae is misinformed and even unethical. Sell your roof cleaning primarily based on the undeniable truth: a dirty roof is ugly. That's all you need, especially the more expensive homes that are mostly roof anyway. 
    The organisms that do damage the shingles are lichen and moss. Lichen literally roots into the shingles and moss holds moisture both of which cause damage. Often times both are present along with algae and eliminating them WILL extend the life of the roof. 
    Also, don't be fooled by ARMA. They really don't want roofs to be cleaned, they want them replaced with expensive algae resistant shingles. They have traditionally tried to make it sound like roof cleaning can be done but unless done EXACTLY right probably won't work well, won't last long and could cause damage to the shingles. 
  9. Curb Appeal Pros LLC added a post in a topic What Happened to 3/4" Eley Hose   

    Hey Guys I talked to eley like 3 weeks ago we orders 400 FT of 3/4 and that's all they had. They are coming out with a new line of 3/4 but its going to be more expensive. Its suppose to be a full flow 3/4 ( even the fittings) and its going to be drinking water safe. The sales guy said its most likely going to be 20% higher than the old 3/4 hose because of the fittings and that its safe for drinking water. He said they are rolling it out on production so they are still making it they are just rolling out the new line. Also they said you will be able to do custom lengths so if you want a 200ft hose they will cut it to length.
  10. TLC Roof cleaning & house wash added a post in a topic QSE from Cleaner Today   

    Funny, people talk about taking the high road, but make accusation based on someone asking a question. I just joined this group to get info from professionals. I bought my stuff at PWP and trying to look at all options, just before paying my membership I ask a question and  this is the response I get, Not professional and I'll get my info else where, I'm a regular guy that works a full time job and work on the side to put my son through college, I am on the high road but you are not.  
  11. Atlas1 added a post in a topic What Happened to 3/4" Eley Hose   

    Hate to hear that!
    Why not get some lengths of the Flex Tech RT? Seems like it would be a great supply hose too.
  12. palnews26 added a topic in General Discussion   

    What Happened to 3/4" Eley Hose
    Looks like they are only selling 5/8 now.
    Not many looking for 3/4 I guess.
    First Mean Green now this.
    Close enough??
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  13. TLC Roof cleaning & house wash added a post in a topic Roof Cleaning Equipment/Branding   

    Good read, I'm starting now and chose to build my own skid instead of selling the farm to have something pretty. I have a corporate job and have always done things on the side, you are right about getting your name out there, if the phone doesn't ring that pretty skid is scrap metal. 
  14. coastal1 added a post in a topic Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    It's polyethylene so it should be fine.
  15. Atlas1 added a post in a topic Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    How do you think these tanks would do with SH? Would they hold up well enough? (They're not stackable, but I don't need that for my application)
  16. TLC Roof cleaning & house wash added a post in a topic QSE from Cleaner Today   

    Not a vendor, just getting started and they are so many different people saying so many different things. I was sold on Sh and slow mo then ran up on the ad for this stuff thought this was the place to ask. maybe not.
  17. Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning added a post in a topic ARMA video on roof algae   

    Yep, I agree with that Jeremy.
    Feeds on the limestone in the granules, right?  That seems damaging, right??
    I also noted they called it an Algae, when I have understood it is technically a Bacteria (GM).
  18. Clean Exterior added a post in a topic ARMA video on roof algae   

    I like that it says you can clean it and not to use subbing or high pressure but I don't like that they say it doesn't damage the shingles as many customers seem to clean their roofs in hope to prolong the life and I don't want to mislead them.
  19. Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning added a topic in General Discussion   

    ARMA video on roof algae
    Have you all seen this video on the ARMA home page?
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  20. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    No. see my statement in Fluidall I posted on the Gen Discussion forum here.  
  21. PeakOfPerfection added a topic in General Discussion   

    Statement on the Fluidall Tote A Lube Tanks.
    For several years now I've been recommending and using the square stacking sealed design Tote A Lube tanks in my rigs. The design solves a tremendous number of problems in the mobile cleaning industry. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. 
    Fluidall has made a decision to switch to molded in stainless steel outputs in all their tanks. Despite numerous discussions, there is no way to make the tanks work for chemical transport in our industry.
     I've exhausted all options with Fluidall and can no longer recommend or sell them for chemical transport. I believe it is short sighted on their part to ignore a very significantly sized  marketplace which was just starting to take hold. I am searching for an alternative that is reliable and well constructed. 
    Meantime, I am purchasing the remaining NOS supplies with the plastic output ports from a large distributor, so if a Tote A Lube tank was what you have specified in your build, contact me for pricing. 
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  22. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic 5/8" inlet?   

    Drop sticks are evil. Seal your tank. 
  23. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic Manifoldness Roof Cleaning Specific Reels   

    Here is the issue, in order for the hose to fit through the hub end it has to be a certain diameter. To be a certain diameter requires a certain bearing size. To fit a certain bearing size requires s certain frame size. And a certain frame size in Hannay's case is big. That being said, Hannay reels are custom built. Call me with your dimension limits; width, depth, height, and I'll see if they can build something to fit. One thing to remember though is that they won't compromise strength. 
  24. PowerShine Property Services added a post in a topic Simple Roof Knowledge   

    I agree, I was calling them fascia as well but since have learned a more known term is rake boards. I think barge boards is more of an older term. I could be wrong tho. This is what google says...
    .. A rake board. It's not just what you use to clear your lawn of fallen leaves. On a gable roof, the rake board, or fascia, is the slanting edge at the end wall of the house. 
  25. Roof Cleaning Jacksonville FL 904-304-0810 added a post in a topic Footwear   

    I wear sneakers on the roof usually. Just some cheapo wal mart sneakers, they wear out fast but they usually grip pretty good. For tile and metal, I have those frog grips above. Those suckers stick good on those surfaces. I didn't feel as confident on loose granules with them but for tile and other stuff, they are awesome. They fit funny though because they have an odd shape for the toe area.