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  2. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Check out PWP http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com Lori is very helpful!
  3. Moss On old shingles

    Sorry about that, here is the after picture
  4. Last week
  5. This mini skid has a 1/2" Yamada, air diaphragm pump, wheel barrel air compressor w/ remote 3 gal fuel tank, Pro-Portioner, 2-7 gal soap tanks, 2-55 gal soap tanks, Tsunami air dryer and a water/moisture separator for the air compressor. All of this on a 40" x 44" skid that can be mounted to a truck, or trailer and is easily moveable with a fork truck. Call for pricing. 717-378-2276 Air Diaphragm mini skid 717-378-2276
  6. Power Wash Store PA 717-378-2276

    Hello I am Eric with Power Wash Store of Central PA. I am also a working contractor in my washing business, Liberty SoftWash. I met Chris over 10 years ago at a Tampa event and learned how to clean roofs. After starting with roofs, we expanded our business and soon became a full service exterior cleaning contractor offering everything from roof cleaning to commercial building washing. We began working with the owner of Power Wash Store, Paul about 5 years ago when I contracted with him to build our first drop in skid, which was a game changer. At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to become a Power Wash Store franchise owner and jumped at the opportunity to be part of selling the top quality equipment from the Power Wash Store. Feel free to contact me or Lisa with any question you may have about equipment, chemicals or cleaning techniques. Thank you. 717-378-2276 store, 717-324-4208 cell phone
  7. How To Softwash And Build A Softwash System Of Your Own!

  8. Has anyone purchased one of these units from powerwash.com. i am new to the forums and wondering if it's a good value? There wanting $3199
  9. our new build

    Thanks man!
  10. our new build

    Looking great!
  11. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hello Everyone Randy with All Around Services located in Port St Lucie Fl I need help in assembling a basic soft wash system can you point me in the right direction of a thread, best place to buy the materials
  12. Proportioner?

    Lol dude I have not even started yet. I have yet to do even one job. Hell I don't even have my website up or an LLC registered. I'm basically just trying to get prepared so that I can hit the ground running come Spring. Bet your bottom dollar...I will be on that list by the end of Fall;)
  13. Earlier
  14. Proportioner?

    I presume your phone is ringing off the hook? LOL. Can't say I didn't try. Personally, I see opportunity. More to follow at a later date.
  15. Proportioner?

    Update on this. I found a guy who is putting these together in his spare time. Lot of good reviews seem to be coming in for them so I pulled the trigger and ordered one. If anyone is looking for a budget Proportioner you can find this guy on FB, under the group Pro-Mixalot-V2. $250 shipped.
  16. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Great Find Ted !!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Yup, they're down right CRIMINAL if you ask me. Yet somehow, we always get these guys who just joined the site, or facebook group, or whatever coming in and saying how fabulous it is, and how they make a million dollars because of HA. I'm trying to figure out how you get that much money from fake leads, lol. Not only do they use your company name and your phone number, redirected to one of their lines, but they will also spoof local phone numbers when they call you. They know that you won't answer their out of town numbers, and they know you're not ever going to answer if their name shows up on caller ID. I can't wait to see lead companies tank. ALL of them.
  18. our new build

    Thanks man it' coming together
  19. our new build

    Nice that thing is going to be a beast....
  20. our new build

    Hey guys we are working on our new rig for the year just thought I'd post a pic of the progress we are almost done.. We love building rigs give us a msg if you need help
  21. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Yup, same here fake leads constantly and trying to get rid of them was such a pain. Plus they can put their own phone number as your number on their website.
  22. SEO Help Needed: Incoming Links?

    Beats me, but it's better than a bounce.
  23. SEO Help Needed: Incoming Links?

    I wonder why they spent so long
  24. SEO Help Needed: Incoming Links?

    It's too bad that FB has just about ruined most of the forums. Most people have no idea what they're missing out on. They're wearing my website out Chris :-) Had about a 14 minute dwell time on one particular visitor today!
  25. Cleaning Gutters ?

    Roy - that's a great pricing methodology! You can provide quote for gutter cleaning sight unseen. Very wise! If we ever take on this service, I'll follow your lead on that.
  26. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    I can't stand Home Advisor. They ripped me off when they were Service Magic. I highly recommend ALL contractors stay away from HA. They sell fake leads, and that alone is reason enough to not give them your business. If you're closing 90% of your leads, you are very rare, because almost nobody does that. Their reps like to join groups and claim all kinds of great success with them that really doesn't equate to what the average person will get. The average guy is going to get a bunch of fake leads, and them dipping into his bank account when they're not supposed to. The thing is, if you don't dispute the fake leads, you just get screwed. If you DO dispute them, it's still up to HA whether they keep your money. This is not a limited experience or a fluke. Literally almost everyone who has used them has the same kind of experience. People who don't exist, phones that ring but never answer, blah, blah. My advice is STAY FAR AWAY from HA and any other lead service.
  27. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Home Advisor helped us double our business in just two years. I like the fact that I don't have to respond to a lead if I don't want to. I know I pay for them, but that is a small cost compared to other lead generation schemes. I quickly learned how to capitalize on the leads and I close 90+% of the leads I choose to act on. Compared to other lead generation programs, HA has provided us with top quality leads and clients over the years I have used them. Roy dos Santos Elite Property Maintenance Chattanooga,
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